RonSoCold Could Easily Dress Your Favorite Rapper

Charlotte Vs. The World!

RonSoCold has been a staple within Charlotte’s budding rap scene and that goes without saying. Dropping off a plethora of hits, visuals, and well received projects, Ron has been making sure his voice is heard. Gaining attention from Lyrical Lemonade‘s Cole Bennett along with some of the industries most important faces, he can undoubtably be credited for the waves his city’s creating.

With his heavily anticipated tape ready for publishing, the Queen City’s kingpin is ready for action. Joining forces with JetsonMade, these two are becoming quite the duo. With Ron’s nasally inflection and Jetson’s otherworldly beat-making prowess, the sky is the limit for their interchangeable sounds.

No Stylist” their latest collaborative ballad and it’s a pure flex to say the least. As the ambient synths intertwine with the trunk rattling 808s Ron’s braggadocios demeanor is perfect for your hot boy/girl summer.As he proclaims his dominance by speaking on his never-ending backend and his readiness to take your girl, Ron is ready to end the summer in the best way possible. His latest project is sure to sweep the streets, so get ready by pressing play on “No Stylist” below.

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