10cellphones is Back With A Vengeance

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Most UVW’s supporters have to be tapped in with 10cellphones. The Charlotte bred marksman has been putting the Carolinas on for years and it’s obvious that he’s far from done. With his stock only getting higher, the Queen City’s favorite shooter is back and more energized than ever.

Teaming up with frequent collaborator and the man behind “Work“, “Don’t Care“, and “Slayin’“, Nile Waves and 10 reunite for their latest single “Junkie“.

Approaching this single with a flow that might remind some of XanMan and other DMV greats, this isn’t anything new from him. With an ominous piano lead, 10 does what he does best- supply a hard hitting yet ear catching flow and throw around some of the most hair-raising punchlines.

I need the bread, cheese, humus!

I’m in the streets I don’t care bout no comment.

Gold on my Glock that shit glisten like shoe shine.

These are all golden one liners 10 supplies throughout the quick minute of run time. He’s not the most lyrical artist around, but he has to be one of the most creative with his wordplay. Don’t believe me? Press play on “Junkies” below and listen to what 10 has to offer.

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