Mavi Never Ceases To Impress

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Mavi is truly a different breed. One of the only true poets to grace our pages, the Charlotte bred rap extraordinaire has been consistently putting out heat since the genesis of his career. He’s sharp and collected. He isn’t flashy and doesn’t flex; he just let’s his masterful word play speak for itself.

Releasing “Sankofa/Warning” along with low resolution camera shots from MMXNC, Mavi shows that you don’t need much to make a great visual.

Sankofa isn’t a SAT vocabulary word and definitely isn’t something you’d use in everyday conversation. Hailing from the Akan tribe in Ghana, the literal translation of the word and symbol is it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

The Akan people use the token of a bird with its neck turned to symbolize looking back on your previous trials and tribulations. Not to mourn on the past, but to use what you’ve learned to plan for the future.

A jazzy cut, Mavi starts hurling fiery bars as he the alliteration he presents throughout his rhyme scheme take your ears hostage. Rapping about the lost time you can’t get back, the cruel system of oppression that came from his Southern state, and much more, Mavi is making sure he puts on for all the fallen soldiers.

The second track “Warning” starts abruptly in a new location. As the smooth vocal sample shines through, the Queen City’s king touches on the past that made him who he is. Themes of enlightenment ring throughout this cut as he remembers times of anxiety attacks, crippling mental health issues, and peer pressure.

Mavi has something for everyone, so give his poetic stylings a try by pressing play on “Sankofa/Warning” below:

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