FadedBlackid is Turning “Life Upside Down!” w/ This Flawless Installment

Charleston Vs. The World!

Neilaworld founder, FadedBlackid unveiled one of the most anticipated projects of the summer with his installment of “Life Upside Down!” Upon first listen, we guarantee this producer tape is better than your favorite mainstream artist’s album or new EP. FBK assembled a historic list of contributors while curating and editing this work–he made sure legends like David Shawty, Kevin Kazi, Yurms, Lil Turbo and Mixed Matches all had their respective tracks.

In FBK’s words, Life Upside Down! represents his takeover of the music industry. His unmatched production was aided by the illustrious SadBalmain, NOBU, and Mixed Matches. Their collaborative efforts resulted in timeless works that illustrate the feeling of “fuck everyone, fuck all these rules, [I’m going to] do what I want and have my way.”

FBK undoubtedly turned the industry upside down with his new project. His single with David Shawty titled “Portal” that debuted before the release of the tape did exceptionally well. Tracks like “Jigsaw” with Kevin Kazi + Lil Turbo as well as “Killswitch 5” remain true to FBK’s signature synths that could be the theme of a galactic war.

If you don’t know these names by now, then you are most definitely behind. Top tier artistry and production went into the construction of this masterpiece. Also, it’s been decided that the Neilaworld empire is scheduled to take over soon, so tap in and run this up.

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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