F$G Never Leaves the Studio

DMV Vs. The World!

As of late, F$G stars Rvmbokash and BandzUpMarr have dropped nothing but hits. Installments like “F$G Da Mobb” volumes one and two alongside Rvmbo’s “Real. Swipe. God” and “Blue C-Notes” display the unmatched ambition that the young wordsmiths possess. Their relentlessly aggressive flows paired with some of the finest production in the underground always result in trap anthems.

The dynamic duo has released project after project with one another, and they continue improve with each addition. Their beat selection comes from a variety of renowned producers–many of those names being underground staples like XanGang, StoopidXool and Brodinski. Underground gatekeepers like DJ NICK of Marino Infantry, DJ PHAT and DJ Gren8de have hosted countless projects by the aforementioned artists.

Rvmbokash’s latest installment of Blue C-Notes is his best project yet. The army of producers associated with this project is incredible. Entities like ShawnThaDawn, SwxffT, MerkEmMoody, Chao$$, Xanny Pacquiao, AustinThePlugg, Damage, Shops, Fetti, Lowsock, Chopstar, Kudzu, EqMadeIt, Caliger and Danny Wolf all contributed to this insane work. Tracks like “Nun Regular” with BandzUpMarr, “Compact” featuring Tony Shhnow and “Nike” go stupid while plenty more standout.

If you aren’t tapped in with these guys, then you are most definitely late. Fans of DMV notables would undoubtedly enjoy Rvmbokash and BandzUpMarr’s music. Get familiar and uncover these hidden gems via the F$G SoundCloud.

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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