EgoVert Flies To Another Planet on “Apollo!”

No melody beats have been a go to for many new wave rappers. Brash 808s, hi hits, and claps make up the instrumental and more likely than not the beat serves more as a metronome. Beats like these have been a staple in rap for quite some time, but EgoVert just made a new classic.

Blasting off with reckless abandon, Ego is ready for take off with his electric new single, “Apollo“. As the percussion from Mathias Tyner comes into play and he begins to spit, it’s clear to everyone who listens that EgoVert didn’t come to play. With an infectious flow, sexual innuendos, and punchlines for days, this guy has some serious talent and we won’t let it go overlooked. Give “Apollo” a listen below and transport to EgoVert’s planet.

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