10cellphones Keeps His Kill Streak Alive With A Brand New Album:

photo by melsdead

The anticipation for 10cellphone‘s latest album is at it’s boiling point. Not only has he been dropping off eye popping visuals and previewing music, the Nations Ford frontrunner had his very on listening party in his city. As the closing track rang throughout the speakers, he knew it was time. “10” is finally upon us and it’s just as fire as we had hoped.

Opening up the track-list with the heavily teased “Options“, 10 starts things off with a softer and more delicate delivery. Something we’ve obviously heard before, but 10 just seems more confident on these newer releases. With an ear catching flute melody and dominant synth lead, the Queen City sharpshooter speaks on his momma’s boy mentality and his will to take his music to next level. Subjects he rarely speaks on, but it’s honestly dope too see him tackle more humanizing parts of his life.

Racks” comes in so seamlessly as the second track. As the slowed yet bewitching chords from frequent collaborator Nile Waves speed up, OG fans already know this ones about to be something special.

Reflecting on his past and the neighborhood he came from, 10 embraces the 4 in way he never has. Vowing to repay his home, he remembers back to stealing snacks and the people that grew up in front of his very eyes. He never thought he’d be in the situation he’s in now and now look at him. Just goes to show you that you can take your dreams as far as you want.

Next up is “Misunderstood“. This is where 10 gets grimy! Like the title suggests, this man is a mystery. Whether you see him as a violence loving gun junkie or an underrated artist within the underground, no one really knows the real 10. But don’t take his anonymity as a weakness. He’ll still gun you down without a question.

While sifting through these tracks for a 3rd time, “More” came through as an unlikely high point. With a highly drawn out flow and intoxicating flows, this autotune heavy ballad is all about excess. Whether he’s ruthlessly rapping about his slight of hand or shedding light on his lack of emotion, “10” is a great addition to an already budding discography.

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