Austin Skinner and Eric Doa Relive Stories Of Heartbreak On Their Latest Ballad

Virginia Vs. The World!

Austin Skinner is an artist we’ve had the pleasure to see come up from the beginning. We’ve heard all sides of his hypnotic sound and it continues to captivate us. He’s worked with a lot of high profile rappers, but none have wowed us like Eric Doa. Teaming up on their latest effort, “Mislead“, this duo continues to prove that they’re the most consistent in the underground.

Hopping on a guitar plucked collaboration between Lukrative and John Luther, Austin starts this song off with themes of death and an emphasis on his unbearable mental stress. As Eric’s vocals collide into the next verse, these two show their undeniable chemistry as their two flows intertwine perfectly. “Mislead” is a track we can all relate to, press play below and get lost in the poetic stylings of Eric Doa and Austin Skinner.

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