A Cold World Wouldn’t Be Complete Without the Collective Assembly of “IcedOutAngels: Chapter 3”

IOA Vs. World!

IOA is really out here. They have an upcoming show with Underground Vampire Club in Atlanta on October 19th, and this project is the perfect sneak peak as we approach that historic day. The third installment of the IcedOutAngels saga is a magnificent collection of both new and old tracks from notables like Yurms, Matter, Redarmbandit, SEBii, Teddyc, Arthur, Dreoh, CloudGTB, Toph, Drako Bills and Lil Ds. The production and artistry on this tape is solely IOA’s material. Producers like Wockboy, Frxstbite, Quali, Killjustin, Skress, Rhine1k, Jenry, Maxvon, Angelus, Masetheworst and Yeoj all contributed their respective creations in order to maximize camaraderie within the one-of-a-kind collective. What’s great about the IcedOutAngels is the fact that most (if not all) of these creatives are talented in multiple fields; the producers are artists and vice versa. Show respect and bless your ears by pressing play. 

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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