The Preacher’s $on, YG Tut Cuts the “Lights Off” On A Rattling New Single

Chattanooga Vs. World!

The Preacher’s $on, YG Tut has been a remarkable talent to come out of Tennessee ever since Isaiah Rashad. While actually being some what affiliated with the well-known star of Rashad, Tut has paved a way for himself with his breakout project in 2015. After experimenting with the way he’d deliver his inspiration on his soulful background, Tut has more than set himself in the caliber of artists who carry a timeless sense of their prized talents. Connecting with this generations favored producer, Jetsonmade on a rattling new single titled “Lights Off”; Tut is more than well on his way to a superstardom status. If you don’t believe us then press play to see for yourselves below:

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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