Remembering The Impact of Speaker Knockerz

Starting off as unknown rapper and producer, Speaker Knockerz has a story that needs to be told. Raised in Richland County, a young SK found inspiration in Soulja Boy while he was releasing tracks like “Kiss Me Thru The Phone“. One of the first artists to utilize the internet to monetize their music, Knock knew what he needed to do.

Beginning his artistic journey on SoundClick, Knock started selling beats to up and coming rappers. The hustle obviously paid off- generating over $40,000 in profits within the first 6 months and led to his first major placement on Meek Mill‘s 2011 mixtape “Dreamchasers“.

Although he supplied a plethora of instrumentals with high profile artists by the likes of Gucci Mane and Young Dolph, Speaker Knockerz’ true talents shined on the beats he saved for his own penned rhymes.

Married To The Money” and “Finesse Father” were the only 2 bodies of work he was able to release while still alive, but his influence still remains intact over 5 years after his death. Strategic use of auto-tune along with unmatched melodies and flow propelled him to the top of SoundCloud. Songs like “Money“, “Rico Story“, “Flexin’ & Finessin“, “Yo Racks“, and his undeniable breakout hit, “Lonely” further prove this claim as they’ve grown to well over 100 million streams collectively.

On March 9th, 2014 Knock was found and pronounced dead in his South Carolina home. One of the most heartbreaking deaths i’ve experienced throughout my lifetime, it felt like SK was only tapping the tip of the iceberg. With artists such as Roddy Rich, Kodak Black MadeinTyo, and Lil Uzi Vert citing Knock’s influence, it’s obvious that his sound was way before his time and was a true stepping stone in modern day rap. South Carolina is now flourishing with talent. Jetsonmade, FadedBlackid, and PG Ra are putting on for the rural state far after Knock’s death and will continue to keep his legacy alive.

If you haven’t heard any of his music up until this point, educate yourself on one of the 2010’s most important rappers by clicking below:

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