Bask in The Glory of Mavi’s Debut Album

Shot by Allison McAdoo

Charlotte Vs. World!

“To be Pro-Black means to relentlessly pursue money, land, guns and useful knowledge for the purpose of creating and maintaining healthy and productive Black communities. It means the cultivation of a culture that reinforces a unified vision of Black well being and continuous advancement. It is also to seek for oneself and share to share with one’s communities the following critical assets: knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace and happiness.”

This is how Mavi opens up his debut album, “Let The Sun Talk“- reinforcing his will to uplift his black brothers and sisters. A 32 minute compilation of elite story telling, this is a breath of fresh air for hip-hop heads and fans alike. Featuring beats from Earl Sweatshirt and MIKE, the instrumental choice is a perfect juxtaposition to the Charlotte native’s cold-blooded delivery and makes for a chilling listening experience from start to finish.

Tackling a range of topics from his own life to the perception of society, Mavi brings his past experiences to the forefront of LTST as he transforms into the beacon of hope to all lyricists and the man he aspires to be.

Untouchable wordplay is something we could speak on all day when it comes to Mavi, but his ability to provoke emotion and make us feel is something to behold. As he raps, you tend to get lost in his flow and just let his rhymes and lyrics flow into your mental- which makes for something seriously powerful. It’s obvious that he’s on his way to the top of rap’s Mt. Rushmore, so don’t get left behind and bask in the glory of “Let The Sun Talk”.

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