30Rock Is The Master Of His Own Craft & Displays It On A New Single, “Go Crazy”

Photographed by Reel Bump

Memphis Vs. World!

30Rock is the prominent talent of Memphis leading his own path for the partial underground scene his city has to offer. Being the artist to present a spotlight on his stomping grounds, 30Rock has been welcomed with open arms to our pages for many years. With every release being more impressive than the last, it’s truly a blessing to be able to take in the timeless records he delivers time after time. Today we had the pleasure of pressing play on a soothing listen as 30 connects over exquisite production from Shawn Hits to unveil “Go Crazy”. Here’s where we stop typing & let you all form your own opinion on this beautiful offering from one of the many ForeverWorld’s soldiers:

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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