Rewind Raps Coins Himself As The “Unpopular Celebrity”

Rewind Raps is the definition of a hard worker. With over 200 tracks plastered on his SoundCloud, the Detroit native has obviously been making strides to underground immortality. Reuniting Captain Crunch, Thrillboy, Oscar100, and more, Rewind starts off the Halloween season with “Unpopular Celebrity“.

The title has me somewhat confused. Unpopular celebrity is a brash oxymoron, but what does it mean to Rewind?

Maybe it’s supposed to signify his willingness to make it out of Detroit and not stay a local act. Although he’s gaining in popularity every day maybe he still feels like an underdog. With “Rewind Cruise“, “They Hated Jesus“, and the ShittyBoyz collaboration “STFU“, there’s something for everyone on this project. Don’t believe me? Press play on “Unpopular Celebrity” below and find out for yourself.

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