Shining Star, Drippin So Pretty, Drops a Heartfelt Nine-Track Album Titled “Die For You”

Encinitas Vs. World!

Drippin So Pretty battles his demons on this special guitar-riddled project. If this album had dropped thirty years ago, the entire world would’ve ceased to spin. His punk sound infused with trap drums is a phenomenal relief from our standard content. Producers like Charlie Shuffler, Skress, Mochila, Lukrative, Thislandis, Mojio, Tommy G and Nedarb contributed fantastic instrumentals for the Cali rocker. Tracks like “Go For A Ride” featuring Lil Tracy, “Tattoos Of My Dead Friends” and “How I Do” are a few of the standout pieces on “Die For You.” Not a single track misses on here–during my first listen-through it was made apparent how seamless this project really is. Tap in and you will not be disappointed.

Stream Below & Enjoy:

Author: Tha Fireman

Kansas I am whatever I want to be

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