Meet GilfGavin: The Man Behind Glenn The Cat

Take a look on any of your social media accounts right now and chances are you’ll see a post from @gilfgavin. The man behind the some of our favorite customs, it’s safe to say Gavin’s been having a very productive year.

Starting his creative endeavors by pirating Adobe Flash at the age of 13, his curiosity got the best of him as he made his first cartoon, “Stoned Mudkip”. Mainly focused on cartoons and animation, Gavin began creating his own characters, worlds, and scenarios.

Take “Lemon Tits” for example. Crafted almost a year ago, this unorthodox story about the pitfalls of having lemons for breasts is completely unique and honestly pretty funny.

Although he continued to animate to his favorite songs and keep his foot on the gas, Gavin’s big break is when he started painting on his sneakers.

After he finished his first custom, Gavin quickly fell in love with the process. Every day it seemed like he was pumping out a new pair of Nikes with the unforgettable Glenn The Cat. Pretty much the face of Gavin’s growing brand, the adorable purple feline is a logo that’s hard to miss.

Painting shoes brought Gavin into the world of fashion. As he got more in tune with his personal style, the more diversity we began to see. The most ambitious project thus far has most definitely been his Gavin South Bapestas. The Air Force 1 inspired streetwear icon from Nigo and Bape was reimagined yet again.

One might demonize Gavin for the one off replica, but to me, this is flattery and uniqueness to the highest degree. This is only the tip of the ice berg for Gavin, so stay tuned on Glenn and Gavin’s journey by following him on his Twitter here.

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