Motor City’s RewindRaps is Back with a Seamless Seven-Track Installment Titled “You Gunna Help Us Out? 2”

Detroit Vs. World!

Flaw Gang/Team created their own sound. By fusing plug 808s, synths and Detroit percussion, Rewind and his team created an unmistakable type of music. The second installment of their “You Gunna Help Us Out?” series is a masterful collection of songs that outline life in Michigan along with Rewind’s take on his future in the music industry. With features from @ManningAllor, @SephHiDeF and @77paco7, the intro track greets you with motivational scripture. Producers like LJ, EJ, NOTJBAND$, oscar1hunna, thrillboybeats, robsurreal, KYSLINGO and Tommi Oslo supplied Rewind with standout instrumentals. Get right and run this up right now. 

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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