Embark on a Tour Through the Mind of David Shawty with His Latest Project, “OOZE”

Seattle Vs. World!

David Shawty is no stranger to our pages, but his newest installment is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from the one-of-a-kind, multi-talented creative. Something that stands out to me on this album is the unconventional sound selection and percussion. Despite the irregularity, “OOZE” is a complete twelve-track masterpiece that goes in every direction. The way David articulate’s his slick insults and profound themes embodies his experiences and the unusual path he’s decided to take. Producers like himself, cortdot, illa, hoodwtch, deceased, maxvon, dontsleep, keyblade, outby16, safeguard and noir brent all contributed marvelous instrumentals for “OOZE.” If you’re looking for a life-changing body of work, then this is it. Run this up and go find it on all streaming platforms!

“Kids sure do love their #OOZE…”

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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