Mikem Nahmir Continues To Impress With His Debut Album

Mikem Nahmir continues to evolve. Formally known as Lowlyfe, the Long Beach spitter returns with his first full body of work.”Good Newz/Bad Newz” clocks in at right around 16 minutes, but the impact of Mikem’s words will last for years to come. Take the track “FuhevrNevr” for example. As he speaks on what the white man sees when they look at him, Mikem’s word play and brash punchlines bring out the worst of the U.S.

Other tracks such as “PaynAndRayn” and “EyeAmWutEyeAM” are straight up lyrical onslaughts, but still hold weight as Mikem ruthlessly spits about his lifestyle and his willingness to win. This album is true hip-hop, so don’t sleep and listen to the poetic stylings of Mikem Nahmir.

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