Suckerpunk Personifies Her Demons On “Ethereal”

Today, rap music is honestly a genre-less landscape filled with so many different sounds. Pretty much the melting pot of the music industry, artists such as Trippie Redd, Tisa Korean, and even BabyTron have thrived in the current state of hip-hop.

You might be asking what this has to do with Suckerpunk. Well the reason I mention her in the same breath as those guys is because they all have a sound that unlike anyone else I’ve ever heard. Ky combines elements of Alternative, Rap and Indie-Pop to create a sound that’s all her own.

Releasing her “Ethereal” EP just the other day, the Charlotte mainstay is breaking boundaries and turning heads. Featuring production from Glasear, Fish, MixedMatches, Cranky, Fendibans, and Astro, the celestial beat choice makes for an entrancing listening experience while Ky’s delicate vocalizations personify her demons. This 6 track diamond in the rough revolves around loss and a broken relationship. I’m sure her fanbase confides within the pain she willingly presents while simultaneously relieving agony of her own- which is beautiful when you truly think about it. Listen to “Ethereal” below and dive into the mind of Suckerpunk.

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