JxHines – FireFlies (Official Music Video)

Florida Vs. World!

JxHines is pressing the industry in the larger than life way. Meshing elements of hip-hop while presenting a vocal range fit for an R&B superstar, the Florida native turned Charlotte local has a sound that’s here to stay. Releasing his breakout single, “Fireflies” earlier this year, Hines alongside Jstacks and Producer 20 create a soundscape that you can’t resist. The soothing harp, underlying flute melody, and unforgettable synth solos do not go unnoticed and will stick with you far after you’re listening experience is over.

As Hines belts out lyrics regarding a broken relationship and his efforts to save it, you can’t help but feel his pain; and with assistance from Timmy Shawley and Mack Hopkins, JxHines personifies his demons.

This electrifying music video illustrates the hopelessness most people can’t see on the surface. Settings such as the infertile deserts and abundant gardens are used as juxtaposition- showing what he had and how it feels when she’s gone… empty. This has to be one of my favorite productions of 2019, so get in tune with Charlotte’s new golden boy by pressing play on “Fireflies” below:

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