BigBabyGucci and Fish Tap Into Their Inner Tame Impala

Charlotte Vs. World!

BigBabyGucci and Fish have been noted as one of the best artist/producer duos in the underground. With “Drop Top Lexus“, “The Evil Within“, and so much more underneath their belts, chances are you’ve had the privilege to tune into this perfect pair.

Teaming up yet again for their most polarizing release yet, this electrifying pair channel their inner Tame Impala on “10 Band Jugg Off Craigslist“. The signature guitar riff from “The Less I Know The Better” is almost unrecognizable by the time Fish is finished. The chopped melody and simplified percussion turn Gucci into a mad man and that results in an aggressive banger that you need to hear. This is an unbelievable addition to his growing discography, so don’t waste anymore time and press play on “10 Band Jugg Off Craigslist” below:


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