SSG Kobe Latest Project “M3” is One For The Ages

SSGKobe has had no problem finding his footing in the industry. Coming up seemingly overnight, Kobe has been breaking necks with his tight knit melodies and his ability to spaz on any beat. Taking the momentum from his illustrious 2019 releases to compile a project to get you ready for the new year, Kobe keeps the pressure on with “M3“.

The largest body of work we’ve heard since the genesis of his career, the Louisiana native offers up a variety of flows throughout the 12 minute run time. Songs like “Demon In Your Eyes” and “Protect Myself” show the extent of his versatility. Although the style is quite similar, the sound/tone is completely different. This is a must listen when it comes to melodious rap albums, so do yourself a favor and press play on “M3” below:

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