How FineBritches and Street Commerce Are Changing Charlotte For The Better

Captured by Danny Perez

Over the past few years Charlotte has become the hub for artists in North Carolina. Whether you’re a musician, designer, or graphics extraordinaire, the Queen City has become a diverse marketplace to showcase and monetize your content. Through affordable venues and a likeminded community, it has become a lot easier to bring your hustle to the light.

Well what does that have to do with Fine Britches and Street Commerce? It’s simple. This group of youthful individuals has found refuge within high fashion and hip-hop, and have turned that passion into businesses for the Queen City community and fashion lovers alike.

Street Commerce is a family affair comprised of the Love’s (Clinton, Shelbi, Jeremy) and some family friends (Danny Perez, Alessandro Marculino and Ian Seepersaud) and let me tell you these guys work like a well oiled machine. With stylists, photographers, and even a customer service manager all in house, it’s easy to see why they’re taking off. Carrying a plethora a men and womenswear from Prada to Jean Paul Guiltier, their ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury apparel.

Fine Britches embodies that same sentiment and with people young and old buying into the hype, it’s obvious FB is bridging that same gap. We’ve spoken on the impact of i8’s clothing in a previous articles, but the empire this man is creating isn’t going unnoticed. At first repurposing old trousers to make new pieces, now i8 is making all of his clothes from scratch and making connections with the likes of Maxo Kream and Lil Keed along the way.

With their latest collaborative ventures between them happening right before our eyes, it’s only right to showcase the good this super group’s capable off.

Starting off the Holiday season right, FB and SC brought the whole city out; throwing a Yung Bans led fashion show. With two distinct runway shows and performances from Belis, NgeeYL, and more, this was more like a block party than a concert. Vendors from all over North Carolina were selling merchandise while local chefs and food trucks cooked up a variety of meals for the locals. Safe to say it was a success.

Their next joint collaboration was a pop-up/food-drive that’s going on right now! Hosted at an AirBnb in the Charlotte area, the whole crew is selling garments at a huge discount while also giving out free food, tattoos, and drinks.

With everything FB and SC have been doing for Charlotte, these guys have really built a community out of clothing and it’s only a matter of time until these independent platforms get the recognition they deserve. Until their next jaw-dropping event feel free to browse the new inventory from Street Commerce and Fine Britches by clicking here and here.


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