SS Is The New Age YSL

South Carolina has been put on the map thanks to the gangstas over at SS. If you aren’t quite familiar with who these individuals are they go by the names of NgeeYL, Slime Dollaz, Swishmoney, Trapstar Mula, & Gasline Julio. Now we wouldn’t fully say SS is responsible for all the notoriety SC has gotten throughout the years but they have surely made a tremendous impact.

NgeeYL was the first runner up at taking the internet by storm broadcasting his perspective of the trenches him & his guys come from. Later on leading an entire gang of loaded street stunnas – NgeeYL took the role of being an head honcho to the now solidified SS. After landing a major deal over at 300ent & bringing his gang along with him every step of the way – YL only just fueled & inspired Dollaz, Swishmoney, Trapstar Mula & Gasline Julio to fully take rapping serious.

NgeeYL + Savani Productions (2017)
NgeeYL + DotComNirvan (2019)

NgeeYL curated an all-star team without even fully noticing. The whole SS was just being themselves inspiring each other to express the streets & hood life in a way they could only do best. With different styles & approaches, each artist has made a significant amount of attention in such little time. Fast forward 2 years from 2017 & you have Slime Dollaz making a great amount of noise waking the attention of Lil Jake & Lyrical Lemonade.

Slime Dollaz life took a turn for the better once he began receiving attention from Lyrical Lemonade & with that came a mass amount of by standers interested in the slimey character of Dollaz. All of this was happening due to the authenticity behind both NgeeYL & Dollaz which in return made them more respected than ever along every step of the way.

Slime Dollaz + Buzz Wars (2017)
Slime Dollaz + Cole Bennett (2018)

With Swishmoney, Trapstar Mula, & Gasline Julio telling their stories of the streets as well it was inevitable for us to decipher that SS is without a doubt the new age YSL. All these artists have the SS tattoo stamped on their faces & they all stick together no matter what. This is what made YSL great & this is what will make SS even greater. The best part of it all is it’s all coming from a place other than ATL, where it’s expected for groups of this stature to develop.

Swish Money + Ganktowndurt (2017)
Swish Money + Ben.Mls (2019)

All of these guys have been rapping the same amount of time & are all now beginning to staple all of their presences. SS is a name that’s well familiar to those with an ear for trap music & all those with their ears to the Carolinas. Taking on grammy-nominated production from Jetsonmade, Foren’ + many more all of SS are bound to become street superstars that’ll lead a new wave of trap music to ever surface from South Carolina.

Trapstar Mula + Buzz Wars (2018)
TrapstarMula + Tribbfilms (2019)

As SS continues to connect the dots to their undeniable talents in the booth, they remain a collective that’s became a close favorite to us & we are excited for all that’s to come from the hoodstars. Gasline Julio is the newest member that’s raised our attention & we’re sure there will be many more to rise up in due time.


Galine Julio + Tribbfilms (2018)
Gasline Julio + Tribbfilms (2019)

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