Lil Xelly – Side Effects (Album)

Rockville Vs. The World!

We all know Lil Xelly for his unmatched work ethic, and his new album “Side Effects” gives us the opportunity to learn more about him. Throughout the album, Xelly talks to us about his lifestyle filled with drugs, the side effects he faces with drug use and being sober, demons he’s facing, and love. Anytime The Xrr drops a new body of work whether it be a single, EP, or album, the improvement he’s making is apparent and “Side Effects” shows us how far Lil Xelly has come. Xelly’s new album is easy to get lost into from Track 1 with its relatability and captivating beats provided by TDF, Jamowitdabanger, Brentrambo, Visual9, Splintergang, Kob, TylerGoldChains, BasedTJ, Soldado, Doofdum, Lonzcityy, Eski, Flexx Malik, and b00radley. Get hip to The Xrr now!

Check out “Side Effects” below!

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