Inside Look Ep. 1 : Kevin Kazi


Atlanta Vs. The World!

About a year ago emerging artist Kevin Kazi, from Atlanta, Georgia, dropped his single “Status.” The single is Kazi flipping back and forth between rapping and singing on a Skress & Lukrative beat as he talks about how he wants the superstar lifestyle and status. Beginning of 2020, and Kevin Kazi is well on his way to achieving the superstar status he wants.

Chances are if you’ve been in tune with underground music the past few years you know or heard of Kevin Kazi. From the moment you hit play on one of his songs, you can feel the emotions Kazi wants us to through his lyrics and vocals. Kevin has a unique way of harmonizing and layering his vocals that helps project the emotion he’s trying to portray. 2019 saw Kazi drop a bunch of singles independent of an album. When the end of 2019 rolled around, Kevin dropped his first single off his forthcoming album “Fall From Grace” when he surprisingly announced it to his fans on social media. I recently spoke with Kevin Kazi to discuss his music, what influences it, his goals, and what’s up and coming. Check it out below!

Chandy: Why did you start music? How do you hope to leave your mark?

Kevin Kazi: I started making music because I realized it was something I was good at, it felt natural. I’ve always wanted to be a rapper since I was a kid. I’ve been freestyling since the 5th grade, and I started writing songs at 13. I just want people to feel raging emotions when they listen to my music because when I listen to artists like KAYTRANADA or Ecco2k, I get hit with emotions that I want other people to feel.

Chandy: How would you describe your sound? Who are you influenced by?

Kevin Kazi: I can’t really pinpoint my sound because there’s a multitude of influences, but it ranges from Silverstein to Charli XcX.

Chandy: How do situations that play out in your life affect your music? 

Kevin Kazi: Almost everything I make is based on experiences I’ve had on this Earth or experiences I want to happen. I don’t really put much thought into coming up with lyrics. I just say the first few things that come to my mind that I think sound cool, and when I listen to it over I’m just like “damn my subconscious really spittin right now.” I’ll be talking about some real ass shit that happened between me and a girl I completely forgot about, or talk about what me and the gang did when I was in another city. My Soundcloud is just my diary.

Chandy: You have this track on your second Soundcloud page called “4pm in Purgatory” and a lot of people on social media went crazy over it cause it offered us a new insight into your capabilities. Can you speak more on if your new music will feature some songs of this sound or what we can expect from your new music? 

Kevin Kazi: “4pm in Purgatory” is one of those verses I wrote in 10 minutes and didn’t realize I was talking about the past 7 months. I’m surprised people even fuck with it. Initially I was just tryna see how many words I could rhyme that sound good together and ended up talking that shit. That style in particular is what I used when I first started rapping, so it’s kinda hard to revert back to it because I’m constantly trying to evolve. I definitely have some new ideas incorporating it though.

Chandy: What’s one thing you want people to know about you that they wouldn’t get from your music ?

Kevin Kazi: I love Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers™ from Starbucks®.

Check out Kevin Kazi below!

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