Inside Look Ep. 2 : Lunchbox


Harlem Vs. The World!

Lunchbox is greatly known for his production on Sheck Wes’ album Mudboy. However, the 19-year-old Harlem native is more than just a producer. Recently getting back into vocals, Lunchbox has created his own lane with what he describes as a harmonic and dark yet expressive sound. The importance of Harlem to Lunchbox is huge. The artist credits his neighborhood as much of the inspiration behind his sound and connection to Sheck Wes. I recently had the chance to speak with Lunchbox about his upbringing, new project, connection to Sheck Wes, how life has changed, goals and influences. Check out the conversation below!

Chandy: So, where did the name “Lunchbox” come from?

Lunchbox: I got my name when I was 13, and I’m 19 now. Me and my friends were just roasting each other. U feel me? Normal day type shit. So, one of my mans knew I made beats and was like “Fuck gonna be your producer name? Young Lunchbox?” and everyone started dying. I ain’t like the name at first, but like I got home and thought about it and I was like “yo that’s actually fye” and decided to run with it.

Chandy: How has being from Harlem, New York influenced your sound as a producer and artist?

Lunchbox: To be honest, I don’t even know how I got my sound, but I have an idea on how I got it. When I make beats usually I’m trying to accomplish a feeling. I don’t make beats for artists. Most producers make a beat with an artist in mind, but since I rap I just make beats with feelings and emotions I wanna portray. So with that, I helped gather a sound that reminds me of similar emotions I experience on a day to day.

Chandy: In the last year, you’ve gotten back into vocals. Why did you get back into it and what inspires your sound?

Lunchbox: I started singing and all that because I broke out my shell bro. I always wanted to make like the toughest, roughest shit ever. One day my manager Will told me “nobody wants to hear all that hard ass music all the time. Like it’s cool, it sounds good, but you need to find a way to switch it up.” Me naturally decided to get on some Sosa type shit. Sosa my favorite rapper besides Lil Wayne. So, I just started getting on my harmonic shit but still kinda hard and expressive. I don’t really write either, so that’s a plus because it helps me get my shit together faster.

Chandy: As an artist now, what’s your goal?

Lunchbox: I’m trynna make the label happy right now so I’ve been pumping out hella beats, but I been working on a project in hiding (not really lol). I’m finna call it “Own Worst Enemy.” I always felt in times of hardship and failure, I’ve always found myself in these types of positions cause of myself. Like, yeah I can try to blame others, but the reason why a lot of shit has happened to me was because of me. Almost like I’m my own worst enemy. I put myself through more shit than anyone else, but that’s because I had to you know what I mean? I had no choice but to jump in the streets or I was going to be out here broke or looking crazy. You can’t have that if you’re going to be from Harlem. Everyone wants you to be perfect in tip top shape. So, instead of denying my flaws, I’m embracing them with this new project.

Chandy: How has working with Sheck Wes changed your life if it has at all?

Lunchbox: Sheck turned me from a regular New York bedroom producer to like an actual producer. I wouldn’t say life has changed, but it’s gotten a lot better though. I still be in the same places I always been, and I still be in the hood a lot. Life has for sure gotten better though, and imma always thank Sheck for that. It’s also a bit of a two way street. We made something out of nothing and that’s all that matters. Real dark boy shit, real mud boy shit.

Chandy: What’s something you want your fans to know that they can’t get from your music?

Lunchbox: I want my fans to know that I’m trying to be the best artist alive at some point in time or very very very close. Only time will tell, but I’m for sure finna give it all I got. When I’m done, my fans will definitely think of me as one of the best.

Check out Lunchbox’s recent single below!


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