DotComNirvan Is One Of The Underground’s Favorite Videographer

Sacramento Vs. The World!

One of the visual gatekeepers to the underground is without question DotComNirvan. Today we’re featuring him onto our pages to shine light on his work as of late though, within a few months Nirvan has released a groundbreaking total of 8 music videos. Featuring heavy-weighted artists such as HOOK, 645AR, 95Reddo, BoofBoiicy, Candypaint, BabyTron, Fat Dave & Autmn. Accumulating over half a million views in total – Nirvan is without doubt here for the long run & his work continues to speak for itself. Since we didn’t have the time to feature every one of these visuals individually, we took time out now to highlight them all in a well respected post. You can’t consider yourself an underground guru & not be in tune with what’s going on in the visual aspect of things & Nirvan is definitely one of the leading commanders directing your favorite artists music videos as we speak.

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  • Autumn – #sftw
  • Candypaint – Raining
  • Fat Dave – Carry On
  • ShittyBoyz BabyTron – Houdini
  • HOOK – FALL in Luh
  • BOOFBOIICY – How I Feel
  • 645AR + 95Reddo – Plan

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