Inside Look Ep. 6 : MexikoDro


Atlanta Vs. The World!

“PLUG!” Chances are in the last few years you’ve heard this tag at least once on a song you’ve listened to. If you haven’t, then you must be living under a rock. In the last few years, trap and hip-hop music has changed quite a bit, and MexikoDro has been at the forefront of that change. MexikoDro and the group “BeatPluggz” he founded created a whole new genre we know today as “plug rap.” The Atlanta producer has probably produced a lot of your favorite songs, and you don’t even know it. MexikoDro is well on his way to becoming a household name and Drake saying on a Dro beat “when I linked with Mexiko, I knew I found the plug” confirms that statement. At a young age, the producer has already carved his own lane and started a whole new wave. He’s already being compared to icons such as Lex Luger. Who knows how MexikoDro will end his career! All we know is that he’s destined to be special. I recently hopped on a phone call With MexikoDro and his manager Woah to discuss the producer’s history, melodies, comparison to Lex Luger, the Drake leak, and the advice he has for up-and-coming creatives. Check it out below!

Chandy: Give us an inside look into the history of you producing. Why did you start and how did you start? 

MexikoDro: When I was younger, my cousin downloaded FL Studio, and I started to get a feel for it. I would think of beats in my head and bring those alive.

Chandy: When did you start taking music seriously and realize this could be your life?

MexikoDro: I had come home from being in jail at 17. I started taking music more seriously because I couldn’t fuck up anymore. I needed to focus on something, and making music was that thing. I isolated myself and just busted my ass. As soon as the money started coming in, I knew this was serious.

Chandy: Your production has crazy ass melodies. How do you come up with melodies? Are they inspired by things you hear around you? Or is it just you messing around?

MexikoDro: Nah man, everything comes straight from my head. I just have crazy ass ideas. I don’t actually know how to play notes on a keyboard. I do everything by ear and what sounds good.

Chandy: Where did the name “Mexikodro” come from?

MexikoDro: I can’t really talk about that right now.

Chandy: A lot of people say you’re this generations Lex Luger. How does that make you feel?

MexikoDro: I fuck with Lex Luger. He was going crazy in his prime. Everyone tried to make beats like that. Every beat he made was hard. He made beats for a lot of artists I grew up listening to like Gucci Mane and Rick Ross. I take the comparison to Lex Luger as a compliment.

Chandy: Did you ever think BeatPluggz and the “PLUG!” beat tag would become as big as it is? 

MexikoDro: Hell yeah! We had some different shit going on. We knew what was going on. We knew we were gonna go so crazy when we started posting on YouTube, and shit was blowing up.

Chandy: How do you feel about the whole wave you and BeatPluggz started and where it’s at now?

MexikoDro: I feel like it’s crazy. Back in school, I never won trophies or awards. I never even got A’s or B’s. I look at this shit as a trophy; as a reward. We really appreciate all the fans and the producer community.

Chandy: How do you feel about your song with Drake getting leaked?

MexikoDro: I fuck with Drake. At the end of the day, I go by what God has planned. If that’s the way it came out, that’s okay. There’s nothing I can really do about it. I can that type of beat over and over if I wanted.

Chandy: Who are your favorite artists to work with?

MexikoDro: Whoever fucks with me, I fuck with them.

Chandy: What/Who do you gain inspiration from?

MexikoDro: All the things I’ve been through inspire me and keep me going. Even doing this interview inspires me.

Chandy: What’s the last song you listened to?

MexikoDro: Bloody Jay – “Keep Going”

Chandy: What’s some advice you’d like to give to any creatives looking to start but doubt themselves?

MexikoDro: Don’t doubt yourself. Not everyone’s going to like your shit, but keep going. Keep going hard, and keep going crazy. Don’t be scared.

Chandy: What’s something you want yours fans to know about you that they can’t get from your music?

MexikoDro: I play Call of Duty.

Check out MexikoDro below!


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