Inside Look Ep. 11 : Harold Harper

“Harold Harper”

Florida Vs. The World!

Harold Harper is a name that, if you don’t know by now, you’re living under a rock. In the last few years, the producer from Florida has made sure his name is known. You might know him from his work with the Forever World members, Austin Skinner and BigBabyGucci. Harper’s sound as a producer is a unique one. He perfectly meshes the genres of pop and trap to create smooth, psychedelic, hard-hitting beats. Harold Harper’s name has been spreading like fire these last few months being credited as the producer behind Lil Uzi Vert’s “Prices.” Not much about Harold Harper is known except for the fact that he’s a producer hailing from Florida. He’s still yet to show the face and persona behind the beats. That’s what makes him such an interesting and mysterious producer, though. With no face or persona for fans to judge him on, the music is the only way to connect with and judge him. I recently hopped on a call with Harold Harper to discuss why he started producing, his creative process, advice for up-and-coming producers, and the story behind Lil Uzi Vert’s “Prices.” Check out the conversation below!

Chandy: Give us an inside look into you! Name, age, where you’re from, who you are/what you do.

Harold Haper: I’m Harold Harper, 23, from Tampa, FL. I’ve been a producer for the last 4 years.

Chandy: How did music play a role in your life growing up?

Harold Harper: Honestly, I’m not even like musically inclined. This is just some shit I stumbled upon. I used to play football and then broke my foot. I was bored and used to play around on an app called Virtual DJ. I loved meshing songs together and seeing the output. This was when I was 15. However, when I was 17 is when I really started producing. At the age of 21 is when I started sending out beats for real.

Chandy: What’s your creative process like? Are you someone who likes to work on melodies then drums? Or drums then melodies?

Harold Harper: If I have hard drums, it’s pretty easy for me to make the melody mesh well with the drums. If I do the melody first, it’s easy to get discouraged because I can go to myself, “this shit is trash.” I had a placement on Luv is Rage 2, and the sample didn’t clear, so I said fuck sampling. When I used to sample a song, I would play with the sample for a while first. Then I’d chop and screw it and do the drums. I sampled a lot of video games like Jet Set Radio Future, Chrono Cross, and Nine Hours, Nine Person, Nine Doors.

Chandy: Uzi’s “Prices” sample “Way Back” by Travis Scott though?

Harold Harper: Yeah, I made that beat back when I still used to sample.

Chandy: How’d your song “Prices” with Uzi come about. Any chance you can tell that story? The song is one of my favorites on the album. The beat goes so hard. 

Harold Harper: When I was making that beat, I was going through a time where I was sampling a lot of new stuff. I went back and listened to Travis Scott, and I loved the “Way Back” melody, so I decided to sample it. When sampling it, I played around with it for a while. Cashmere Cat really inspires me. I love the way he manipulates his samples. That inspired me while I was making the beat. I knew Uzi’s engineer Kesha, and I’ve been sending beats since Luv is Rage 2. We’ve got like 12-15 songs together, and a lot of them are unreleased. He flew me out to Philly once cause he was curious who I was, and he played me all our songs. When I was in Philly with him, I played him a beat where I sampled Uzi himself. He fucked with the beat and recorded on it right then and there.

Chandy: Who’s an up-and-coming artist you’re excited about and want to work with?

Harold Harper: I really like Belis. I want to work with her. I’ve been working with Yeat a lot.

Chandy: What’s your favorite song right now? 

Harold Harper: Ashley by Halsey.

Chandy: Who’s your favorite artist out right now?

Harold Harper: Xanman, Rod Wave, and Halsey. I think Halsey has a super strong voice and doesn’t get enough credit. I listen to a lot of old school music like Conditions, HIM, Good Charlotte, and Tonight Alive.

Chandy: What’s some advice you have for up-and-coming producers?

Harold Harper: I don’t want to say that cliche shit. Honestly, don’t send a beat out till it’s good or you’ve perfected your crazy. Know what to send. Don’t send type Xanman type beats to fucking Ari Lennox. If your shit is trash, your email will never get opened again. Also, don’t be weird.

Chandy: What’s something you want your fans to know about you that they can’t get from your music? 

Harold Harper: I love anime. My favorite Anime are Deadman Wonderland and Berserk. I’m currently watching Hunter x Hunter and Rurouni Kenshin.

Check out Harold Harper below!


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