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Los Angeles Vs. The World!

“10fifty, I love you!” You’ve more likely than not heard that tag on a song you’ve listened to in the last year or so. Producer 10fifty has been making a name for himself and established himself as a powerhouse that doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. The producer has built his name up over the years, working with the likes of RonSoCold, Comethazine, and Pollari. However, 10fifty is best known for his work with Atlanta rapper Lil Gotit. The two have become partners in crime as 10fifty is hugely responsible for the sound behind the Atlanta rapper today. 10fifty’s hard-hitting beats with distorted 808’s and catchy melodies make it easy to be hooked from the first hit of play. I recently hopped on a call with 10fifty to discuss his origins, link up with Lil Gotit, his plans, and more. Check out the conversation below!

Chandy: Give us an inside look into you! Name, age, where you’re from, who you are/what you do!

10fifty: My name’s 10fifty. I’m 24 from LA, and I’m a producer.

Chandy: Where did the name “10fifty” come from?

10fifty: My real name is Nate Band. Drake dropped the song “10 Bands,” when I was in college, so whenever I would walk by, people would sing the lyrics to the hook which went, “10 bands, 50 bands, etc.” I didn’t want to go by 10 Bands, so I ended up finding something that I liked with 10fifty.

Chandy: Growing up, how did music play a role in your life?

10fifty: Music played a pretty significant role for me growing up. As a kid, I was led to believe having a music career was like playing in the NBA – a one in a million chance. However, messing around on GarageBand in college changed that for me, as I learned you really just needed a computer and a mic to produce and record a song. 

Chandy: What led you to becoming a producer?

10fifty: I actually used to rap a lot. I loved writing music and still love writing music. In college, I would just freestyle with friends for fun and decided to start recording raps around my Sophomore year, but quickly realized leasing beats could cost a good amount of money. I eventually just said fuck it, and I started making my own beats. 2016 is when we all saw that shift in music with that sort of Soundcloud era boom of new artists, and I realized being a full-time producer was within my grasp.

Chandy: Who/What do you take inspiration from?

10fifty: I find a lot of inspiration in older released music even though I obviously try to stay up to date with what’s hot and being released today. However, most of my inspiration comes from artists I grew up on, like Justin Timberlake and Kendrick Lamar. I used to be blown away by the production of the music, and now as I’m improving, I realize I can make some of this stuff myself too. The Neptunes and Metro Boomin inspire me as well. Dr. Dre too, especially with me being from LA. Sometimes my inspiration comes from doing normal shit and being outside. One of my earliest friends in this music shit, a dope ass producer named Mike Hector, would always say, the best way to get inspired is to go out and see people’s reaction to a song dropping in a club, or even parties. That inspires the hell out of you. It was some of the best advice I ever got.

Chandy: What’s some stuff you need around when producing?

10fifty: There’s definitely always going to be some weed around. I’m not high maintenance though, sometimes I’ll make beats in my bed off computer speakers if I’m too lazy to get off my ass.

Chandy: Who are some up-and-coming artists you would like to work with?

10fifty: I really want to work with Baby Keem, I’m super excited to see him take off even more than he already has throughout the rest of the year. I’ve also really been fucking with Trevor Daniel, I think he’s already a star, and it would be super dope to get some work in with him. 

Chandy: Who’s your dream placement?

10fifty: I think I would have to say, Justin Timberlake. He was the first artist I idolized since a kid that has constantly kept me inspired, even with his new releases almost 20 years after I first listened to him. In terms of a rap placement, I would have to say, Kendrick Lamar pretty much for the same reasons.

Chandy: Are there any plans in the future for you to put together a mixtape you curate? 

10fifty: The positive reception Hoodfifty got was pretty special, so I definitely would love to put another tape together sometime in the future. I think the plan for now is to keep running it up and laying the foundation down for a potential project down the line.

Chandy: How’d you link with “Lil Gotit” and became one of his main producers? What does it mean to you? 

10fifty: My best friend, Micah, who currently manages Gotit and myself, hit me up about Gotit in April 2018. He hit me up and asked me to send beats and I had nothing to lose, as I was working a marketing job at the time trying to figure life out. That same day, he texted me a song over one of my beats called “All Season,” by Gotit and Keed, and the rest is history. It means a lot to me because it helped me establish such a foundation for myself and our music. Gotit didn’t even realize he was going to eventually make my tag, it was just an ad-lib on a song, and one of those random moments that led to something special. One of the things that make our relationship so special are those random moments.

Chandy: What’s something you want your fans to know about you that they can’t get from your music? 

10fifty: I lock-in with any artist I can, and try to maintain a relationship every time. At the end of the day, music is going to bring people together, and establishing a genuine connection with an artist is only going to make the music you guys make 10x better. So for example with Gotit, it isn’t ever really on some internet send beats shit (unless we’re not in the same city for a while). Gotit is my family. That’s my brother, and you can hear it in the music.

Check out 10fifty’s catalog below!


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