Inside Look Ep. 17 : Plu2o Nash

“Plu2o Nash”

Chicago Vs. The World!

“Nash Effect” I’m sure you’ve heard that on a song multiple times, especially on a Lucki song. Chicago producer Plu2o Nash’s production sounds like no other. He’s known for his spacey, melodic beats that sound like they’re from another world. However, don’t get it twisted. Nash can switch it up and easily create a beat that’s dark and hard-hitting. No matter what he creates, Plu2o Nash has this ability to put his listener into whatever mood he’s trying to convey with his beats. Nash is more than just a producer, though. Plu2o also has his foot in the door when it comes to the videography side of music as he directs music videos himself. He’s a creative that does it all, and that’s why it’s hard to label him as just a producer even though it’s what he mainly focuses on. I recently hopped on a phone called with Plu2o Nash to discuss his origins, his lifestyle, connection to Lucki, and advice for the youth. Check it out below!

Chandy: Give us an inside look into you! Name, age, where you’re from, what you do/who you are.

Plu2o Nash: I’m 25 from Southside Chicago. I’m a producer, but I like to say that I’m a creative. 

Chandy: Where’d your producer name “Plu2o Nash” come from?

Plu2o Nash: I used to make juke music in Chicago under the name DJ Assassin, but I didn’t really like it. One day, this dude posted on Facebook saying he was smoking some Pluto Nash, and it sounded raw. I knew there was a movie called Pluto Nash, but I had never seen it. I was looking for a new name at the time, and I was like, “This is it!” So I just ran with Plu2o Nash.

Chandy: Growing up, how’d music play a role in your life?

Plu2o Nash: Music was my escape from everything. 

Chandy: What made you want to become a producer?

Plu2o Nash: Kanye West is who made me want to become a producer. I just love music. When I was a little kid in the fourth or fifth grade, my mom used to put me in dance classes, like Hip-Hop dance. I was always into music. My uncle was into music, and it projected onto me. People thought I couldn’t become a producer, and I wanted to prove them wrong. 

Chandy: What do you need around when producing?

Plu2o Nash: Drugs, my homies, and very good speakers. If the speakers suck, I will leave the studio. 

Chandy: How’d you and Lucki link to become frequent collaborators?

Plu2o Nash: I met Lucki at a party once but knew of him before that. At first, Lucki didn’t like my beats. He’s a unique artist, and he wants something different. I would get mad as fuck, and one day I stayed up all night and made a beat I knew he’d like. I played it for him the next morning, and he hopped on that jawn. That song was “Interests.”

Chandy: Will we ever get a full Lucki x Plu2o Nash tape?

Plu2o Nash: Maybe, maybe not man. I can’t talk too much on that. 

Chandy: What do you like to do for fun besides producing? 

Plu2o Nash: Fuck bitches, get money, travel, and shop. I like to get fucked up when I’m not working, but I also like to find ways to better myself as a person. I just like doing fun shit. I’ve been getting into working out lately. I also like to watch a lot of movies. My favorite movies are Fight Club and Interstellar

Chandy: What’s some advice you have for up-and-coming producers?

Plu2o Nash: The first thing is to relax. There are a million artists out there that can get you some money. The second thing is to be you and be unique. You’re not going anywhere being the same. The third thing is to get a lawyer and network. Network and keep those connections. Don’t fuck them up because you never know where they can take you. A lot of producers are anti-social. Don’t be in your feeling because no one owes you shit at the end of the day. Keep working hard, and everything will fall in place.

Chandy: When all is said and done, how do you want to leave your mark? 

Plu2o Nash: I want people to know I’m the most versatile creative ever. I want to be unique. I want to be the MJ of producing and creating. 

Chandy: What’s something you want your fans to know about you that they can’t get from your music?

Plu2o Nash: Don’t do drugs. Because sometimes you can go overboard. Just because rappers and creatives do them doesn’t mean that they do them as heavily as they say in their music. Stay focused. I want my fans to be the best they can be and win. I’m working as hard as I can to complete my goals and make it y’all. Also never forget that #BlackLivesMatter

Check out Plu2o Nash & his production below!

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