Inside Look Ep. 19: John Luther


Seattle Vs. The World!

“John, is that you?” If you’ve heard a beat with a guitar and that producer tag what you might not know is that Internet Money producer John Luther played the guitar himself. John Luther has made his name known with his infamous guitar loops. The producer has this ability to switch up the sound of his loops with one loop never sounding the same. John’s ability to play live instruments is something unique in the production game. I know to call playing instruments in the music business “unique” might be weird, but music is becoming more and more digitized, and John Luther remains one of the producers who keep live instruments in the creative process. I recently hopped on a phone call with John Luther to discuss his origins, ability to play guitar, creative process, Internet Money, and more. Check it out below!

Chandy: Give us an inside look into you! Name, age, where you’re from, and who you are/what you do you?

John Luther: I’m John Luther, a 20-year-old music producer from Seattle, Washington.

Chandy: How did music play a role in your life growing up? 

John Luther: Everybody on my Dad’s side of the family plays musical instruments. From the jump, I was surrounded by guitar, singing, piano, and drums. I learned the drums before I could walk just by bashing on stuff. During family gatherings, everyone was just playing music. Music is all around me.

Chandy: At what age did you pick up the guitar and start playing? Why the guitar?

John Luther: My dad plays the guitar, and he’s the main reason I picked it up. I was like 4 when I first started.

Chandy: Do you remember the first song you learnt on the guitar?

John Luther: “Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N Roses.

Chandy: Do you have a favorite song to play on the guitar? 

John Luther: Not really. I’ve been playing my own stuff lately.

Chandy: What inspires your infamous guitar melodies?

John Luther: Novo Amor. I discovered them around 4 years ago. When I make music, that inspiration is always there, and I try to create that ambient sound. I like to tune my guitar into completely random tuning and go crazy. I don’t have a plan going into it.

Chandy: As someone who knows how to play the guitar, why’d you choose to go down the route of a producer rather than something that’s more guitar centric like a band? 

John Luther: I kind of wanted to at first to be honest. Sadly, I started noticing real instruments were falling out of style. I love artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and I was fascinated by the production. I also knew guitars were heavily in demand at that time. So, I started recording guitars in 2018, and that’s when I started promoting them. 

Chandy: When producing, what do you need around?

John Luther: It depends. I can be alone, with no distractions, and in my room, but the Internet Money house is crazy. People are always around, and I’m surrounded by positive energy. My work ethic is totally different since joining Internet Money. In this house, you wake up at 8:30, and you already hear 808’s. Some days we just kick it and do nothing, but music is always around. It’s so inspirational.

Chandy: Congrats on joining Internet Money! What’s that been like?

John Luther: Life-changing. I was only supposed to be out here for a week. However, when Nick told me he was going to sign me, Nick and Taz said it would be okay to stay here. So, I didn’t get to say bye to anyone at home. I just stayed out here, and my mom shipped my stuff out. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of homesick.

Chandy: How do your goals compare to when you first started out to what they are now? 

John Luther: When I first started and was growing, my main goal was to promote myself as much as possible. I can play a bunch of live instruments, and not a lot of producers can do that. There was a huge guitar demand at the time, and so I would just make guitar loops. I would just promote videos of me playing guitar and beats I made over the guitar I played. Right now, I never expected to be with internet money. It’s a dream for any up-and-coming producer. My goal right now is to get placements and build my brand. 

Chandy: How do you want to leave your mark at the end of the day? 

John Luther: I see myself as a super positive person. I’m always happy enjoying what I do. I want to go down as a positive energy in the music industry. I don’t want to be stuck up and selfish. I want to see everyone win. I want everyone to know with hard work, you can get anywhere like me. 

Chandy: What’s something you want your fans to know about you that they can’t get from your music?

John Luther: Lucky Charms is my favorite cereal.

Check out John Luther below!

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