The Story Of Kevin Kazi's "Billie EIlish"


The Story Of Kevin Kazi's "Billie EIlish"


Atlanta Vs. The World!

Kevin Kazi is the young, up and coming artist that all of Soundcloud is beginning to love. From his hilarious Twitter antics to his soulful guitar sampled ballads, Kevin’s the 18 year old that has the underground on their knees.

Being one of Kevin’s biggest singles, “Billie EIlish” is currently sitting at 272 thousand listens and is a certified underground hit. When I first came across this song what hooked me the most was the upbeat production. Laid down by beat maker Calibaset, the instrumental combines an ear grabbing synth melody accompanied by a vibrant synth that perfectly blends in with the ear-knocking drums. Hearing all of this at once I instantly knew why this song was one of Kevin’s biggest hits.

How did you come across that beat? I don’t think i heard of CaliBaset before the song.

Kevin: “I know it might come as a surprise, but I actually stole it off of YouTube. After it started going up I bought the lease. I couldn’t do him like that.

Obviously Billie was on your mind when you made it, but what other thoughts were you having while you made the track?

Kevin: “I was just trying to make a song where I was shamelessly flexing, but also incorporating my favorite artist into it as well.

We all know that Billie Eilish heard the song, but do you have any incite on how she got in tune?

Kevin: “It’s all thanks to my fans! They spammed her so hard until she saw it. I couldn’t believe that she actually listen to it. I was so ecstatic.

Do the lyrics have any meaning or were you just talking your shit?

Kevin: “The lyrics don’t really have meaning if i’m being blunt. Just punchlines I liked and pure flexing. I have songs that have tons of memories and real reasons behind them, but this isn’t one on them.”

How did you feel when it ‘blew up’?

Kevin: “I mean i’m very appreciative for all the love and support, but I don’t really feel anything because I kinda hate the song now.”

In what ways do you think it impacted your career?

Kevin: “I got a lot of exposure from the song, so i’ll always be grateful. It really helped kick start my come up. And a lot of Billie’s found my me and music because of it, so that’s definitely a plus.”


The Story Of  David Shawty's "Honda"


The Story Of David Shawty's "Honda"

Seattle Vs. The World!

Before the cult-like fan base, the graveyard aesthetic, and the creation of his rap style “gravecore”, the Idaho-bred rap star David Shawty dropped a single that he didn’t know would change his life. Currently sitting at almost a million listens his breakout single, “Honda” is one to impress!

When I first heard this Mexikodro produced single I knew it was special, the song starts off straight to the point with David’s soothing infectious vocals as he delivers his now infamous hook

"She gon' suck my dick in a Honda, I think that I love her I don’t wanna!”

Catching my attention immediately, the hook of the song has managed to become one of the catchiest things I’ve ever heard and I still to this day bump this track religiously. For such a big song you might wonder what the purpose of it was right? Well I decided to message David himself on Instagram for a quick Q&A on how he made the song and these are the answers!

How did you select the beat?

David : “I already had the beat for a while in my email, and one day it just felt right to use. So I got home from school and said fuck it and made a song on it.”

What was going through your mind when you made the song?

David : “When I made it I wasn’t thinking about shit. It all just flowed out of me. I think I was just thinking about top I don’t really know.”

What do the lyrics mean?

David : “The lyrics are a love song about a girl from back when I made the song. And she really gave me head in my friend’s Honda, so that’s like the base of the song. Then the verses are just about love and shit.”

How did you feel when it blew up?

David : “The song really blew up pretty gradually, so it wasn’t like overnight. Like it did 10k in 10 days which was really crazy for me back when that song dropped and then it just kept going up. I thought it would slow down at some point like most songs, but it never stopped and then it was on all these Instagram edits with millions of views and some other shit. I don’t care that shit thought. It doesn’t matter and it’s stupid, but I’m glad I have a loyal fan base to make music for now.”

How did you think it has impacted your career as an artist?

David : “It basically kinda started my ‘career’ to be honest. Before it dropped not many people were checking for me or cared. After the song it felt like everyone was hitting me up.”

The Seattle rising star has come along way since the release of “Honda” over 2 years ago. He's released 5 jaw dropping projects, accumulated over 8,300 SoundCloud followers, and most importantly carved a lane for himself and the many artists he inspires. Grave-Core is not coming to an end anytime soon and “Honda” is a huge reason for that. If you haven’t heard the smash hit below, press play below and get in tune with David Shawty. - Andy Schenk



The Story Of Vision4K's: "Run"


The Story Of Vision4K's: "Run"


Houston Vs. The World!

Around half a year ago, former producer turned artist, VISION4K dropped a track that he never would have expected to be as monumental to his career as it was. Entitled Run”, the song included insanely bouncy production and one of the catchiest hooks I’ve personally ever heard.

I first caught wind of this song when the phrase “..Wockhardt in my cup and I’m never giving up..” started appearing on my timeline. Confused on what it was and the context behind the addicting wordplay, I soon realized it was the underground Twitter community meme-ing Vision about the hook. Doing a quick Twitter search on the phrase I managed to find some hilarious examples below:


At this point you can tell the memes about Vision were RIDICULOUS. And just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, producer and my good friend ANGELUS created a meme-filled remix centered around Minecraft of “Run” which can be heard below:

So with that being said you might be wondering how does the impact of this song on the underground make Vision feel? I decided to text him and ask him a few questions:

How did you select the beat?

Vision4k : “Okay so I was already a Ginseng fanboy at the time, so I automatically knew what I was looking for when it came to beats and he had what I wanted: Something fast and fun and that was the first beat I picked. I also sped up the beat a little bit and tuned up the pitch to make it feel faster.”

What was going through your mind when you made the song?

Vision4k : “At the time of making it I didn’t really think much, this was when I didn’t really put much of myself into the music, so I just wanted to make a fun song. I didn’t think it would do as well as it did now. Also I was under the influence of alcohol while recording so I said some really dumb things”

What do the lyrics mean?

Vision4k : “The lyrics don’t really mean much at all, It’s just me flexing stupid stuff like Undercover, popping percs and what not. Nothing there to be honest just me talking shit 90% of the time.”

How do you feel about the memes?

Vision4k : “The memes I didn’t like at first I thought they were annoying for some reason. I don’t know they just bothered me. But over time they grew on me and it let me know much that song was played. So many people were tagging along to the meme and it made me happy that the song spread that much.”

How did you think this song affected your career as an artist?

Vision4k: “Overall I may not like the song myself, it was the song that got me the boost I needed, and It spread my music all over Twitter and whatever. so I do appreciate the song.”

Although Vision wasn’t the biggest fan of the memes, this track is definitely a huge stepping stone in his career and I’m sure he’s going to continue to push out nothing, but gold. If you haven’t heard “Run”, do yourself a favor and search up Vision4k immediately.

Listen to the actual song for Vision4K’s “RUN” below: