Phoenix, Arizona Versus The World!

"Ya'll respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter" - JAY-Z

Behind-the-scenes are where the real moves are being made, this is accurately justifiable in an abundance of scenarios. There is a designated individual responsible for the portrayal and execution of an image; the photographer. The sole person behind the camera lack the acknowledgement and appreciation they deserve. It is more common to respect the one being shot opposed to respecting the shooter. The person on the other side of the lens is too often disregarded and underappreciated. Blacklenses has taken this ideology to incredible lengths and is proving first hand why the shooters are entitled to their merit.

The remarkable and gifted visual artist continues to make herself stand out above the many other accomplished talents in her field. She is going far beyond where your normal photographer would, as this month sparks the launch of the Respect The Shooter: Gallery Tour. The dedication and integrity that she holds is genuine, the entire tour is free for the supporters and is being funded independently. Go out and show some love the first stop is right at home in Phoenix, Arizona on June 8th.

Make sure you're coming correct no matter where you are this Summer with Respect The Shooter attire. Throw on any R.T.S apparel and you'll be in full force to make something happen. For the people doing their thing on the daily out of the public eye and the ones already in the spotlight. 



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