Detroit Vs. The World!

When you think of Detroit what really comes to mind? Rather than 8 mile, Tee Grizzley, or Dex Osama? Does photography even spark your mind when Detroit is brought up into a conversation? Maybe not, so now we're here to recognize & prophesize the youngest & hardest working photographer who goes by the name of VUHLANDES. His name stands extremely strong in the underground scene by the immense amount of work he's done for countless clients. These clients include names such as, FTP ZAC, HUF, BORNXRAISED, VICE & many more. Don't just acknowledge his phenomenal shots he's created for these top notch streetwear brands, his ability to capture an image is far more than unique he has a sense of creativity that is unreachable to anybody from his hometown. After reading about VUHLANDES frustration regarding the lack of exposure from severals blogs, we couldn't possibly pass up on the opportunity to praise his passion towards photography. Having no other choice than to give VUHLANDES the spotlight he deserves, we only wish the best of luck to what is soon to be a legend in the making from a city where very few have made it out from! Take a look at the authenticity & pure imagery from the Detroit protege: