Charlotte Versus The World!

Crak is one of many Charlotte-based groups with a very bright future. Artists Amir X, Nobones, and Young Wu have been building a cult following in Charlotte for a few years now and you can definitely see the growth. Each of Craks artist has their own unique sound. X brings a hardcore "Moshpit" sound to the table. Nobones is the more versatile one out of the group and has a very imitable way of delivering his vocals, making it almost impossible to not want to sing along. And Wu takes his own spin on the "new wave" trap movement. When they bring their sounds together you get the makings of a  very well rounded, well put together track. X has recently been going against the notion that singles get more attention than dropping an entire project. All within In a 5-month span he has released 2 projects, The Ice Dragon Volume 3 & The Ice Dragon Volume 4. These 2 tapes boast 11 songs, all of which have been healthily growing their stats. Amir X is currently working on releasing yet another tape in the near future, this man in my eyes is one of the hardest working artists out right now. All in all Crak is a very unique collective that you should definitley check out.