Florida Vs. The World!

XXXTENTACION has been getting a lot of attention and he's using his huge fanbase to his advantage. Following the release of songs from a rapid SoundCloud release, X is back with a self produced track "garrette's REVENGE". You would be expecting an intense song filled with hard-hitting bass, but no, X hits fans with a curveball featuring live instrumentation from drums and a soft acoustic guitar riff. His soothing vocal melodies go quite well with his production even though it's something not expected from the rapper who wrote songs like "Look At Me". X talks about some real shit in this song, speaking on people who have wronged him and how he has a personal vendetta he has for each and every person. He later repeats "In my grave, i'll rot", meaning he won't forgive the people who have wronged him in the past and will eventually take it all the way to his death bed. Pretty deep if you ask me. Although this song is something Xxxtentacion doesn't do often, it was a pleasant surprise.