Charlotte Vs. The World!

I've been interested in Isaiah Pharaoh's sound for the longest time, so I am so happy to get an interview with him. 

To get this interview started, tell us a little bit about yourself.

"I'm Isaiah Pharaoh or Isaiahiloveu (Soundcloud) either one goes. I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina, but I reside in Atlanta for now."

Who would you consider you biggest influence(s) in the music industry?

"My biggest influences have to be Speaker Knockers, T-Pain, and Kanye West. I feel like these people were the most innovative when it comes to their sound and their brand."

I could definitely understand the influence from Kanye, T-Pain, and Knock. Isaiah's use of autotune and production really embody their sound. Kanye is a mogul when it comes to his brand. With his successful Yeezy Season releases with Nike and Adidas, record sales, etc.

When did you realize you wanted to rap full time?

"I wanted to start rapping when I was sending my beats to niggas, but they weren't really snapping on them the way I thought they would. I just locked in and created my sound."

What is your favorite track you have ever put out?

"My favorite track has to be "Life Like This", "Telephone ATL", or "Ride" because those were songs that really displayed my emotions and creativity."

Are there any other art forms that you endeavor in?

"Film is my endeavor besides music and production. I shoot all my own videos and edit them. I also shoot music videos for Kale Hunter, another rapper from Charlotte."

What should fans expect from you in the future?

"They can expect more music and more love cause I swear I love everybody that fucks with me. Like y'all my whole heart."

You can tell Isaiah has love for all of his supporters. He definitely has my support. He's one of my favorite artists from my city. I cannot wait to see what else he has in store!

Follow Isaiah on Instagram and Twitter: @isaiahiloveu 

Listen to the bangers Isaiah puts out below: