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Charlotte Vs. The World!

One of North Carolina’s most exciting talents, ISAIAH PHARAOH, delivered a timeless project that goes far beyond music with his thirteen-track installment of ISAIAH’S UNIVERSE. This album is profound, refreshing and seamless all the way through. With a total of only four features, Isaiah was able to assemble a complete work of art through the utilization of his friends and peers.

Tracks like MOVE featuring Caal Vo and BADSIDESAMURAI (prod. VINSO) standout on this work.2K’s Interludeis another undoubtedly fire song that can be thrown on repeat whenever—if you didn’t know, Hassan2k and Isaiah Pharaoh are quite the dynamic duo and have a plethora of hits together. Prior to the release of this album, Isaiah uploaded a VR experience to YouTube that is controller-compatible and synced with VIRTUAL REALITY (prod. REGULARERIK). When we said this work goes beyond music; we weren’t lying. Run this up and appreciate the art bestowed upon us.