Sydney Vs. The World!

Throughout the past couple months, Australian rapper/ producer has been staying low key, giving little snippets of his new music, and I think its safe to say, this boy is going to blow up outta nowhere. With his most recent single, " My line (prod. himself)", JVLES explains the beautiful struggle of becoming successful, also stating, "soon enough, my line will be blowing up, and I know that's when their hands will open up". Not to mention, This song doesn't have any overly vulgar lyrics, contains very few curse words, and can still get a crowd jumping. With over 500 plays on Soundcloud, this song undeniably deserves over 50k plays for the positive and motivational message he provides his listeners. Jvles' soft tone singing and clever rhyme scheme will continue to attract new listeners, as well as his productions skills that will enable him to have himself heard in a lot of upcoming projects without actually rapping. check out his song "Guillotine" and "My Line" both produced by him. Keep up the hard work my guy.