Broward County Vs. The World!

Two SoundCloud pioneers and dynamic Florida duo, Robb Bank$ and WifisFuneral celebrate their headlining tour with two new slappers that you need to hear! “Nasty” is the first of the two and it features a addicting hook from Bank$ and an even more ferocious verse. Frequent collaborator, Cris Dinero supplies the ominous production and Wifis comes through with a rapid fire flow on another hard hitting verse.

“PayOut” is the second side to this record and it’s just as gruesome as “Nasty” This track is all about how these FL frontrunners made it out, the realness they bring, and all the cap they hear on a daily basis. One of my favorite producer powerhouses Grimm Doza supplies the brash bell led production while Wifis and Robb Banks absolutely snap. Get ready for the Conn3t3d Tour by bumping this double sided record below and make sure to rage when they come to your city!