??? vs. the World!

Yvncc returns with one of the hardest hitting EP's of 2019. With arpeggiated lead melodies, distorted 808's, and Yvncc's rapid delivery, "Steamfreak," feels like a gut punch of aggression upon first listen. Its brief runtime gives the project tons of replay value, and Yvncc's flows are as tight and polished as ever.

The project also provides variety with its two penultimate tracks, "Monkey on the Dick," and, "Real Shit”, I'm Evil," which both trade the EP's initial dynamism for a more melodic, lustrous sound. Featuring production from Lukrative, Landfill, Subjxct 5, Mutant Joe, and Jaguarclaw, "Steamfreak," is a well-rounded and focused project, great for anybody who's trying to blow off a little steam.