The Underground Vs. The World!

We present to all of our supporters, the Us Versus The World 2017 FRESHMAN LISTS, artists/producers edition! After a long time coming we've finally made it to be able to announce all of these artists who we've came to the conclusion went the hardest this year with their sounds! With that being said lets get right into it, being that we're stationed in Charlotte, North Carolina we had to make sure we had the city on our backs with this one & that's exactly what we did! So, without further or due to start this off the right way the notorious 006SET makes their spot known to us & now the world with their far beyond talent & various types of sounds that they provide in their raps. Coming right after we have JAY STORM who's made his presence known as fuck with his hit single "KEHLANI"! You not really hip to Charlotte at all if you don't know who KALE HUNTER & YUNG BIZZLE are. These guys go insane on every one of their drops! Now, If you aren't familiar with BIGBABYGUCCI well now is the time to become aware of his versatility & completely new sound he supplies in every one of his golden records. We all know you guys have RON $O COLD in your daily playlist so how could he not make a spot onto our lists? All his work speaks for itself. The guy mastered the autotune & nobody in the underground right now compares to him. Right after Ron we have, YUNG BANS repping ATL & going hard for his city with his single "DRESSER" doing remarkable numbers. This name right here is very special to us for the record "WILD CHILD" he has that we bump on the daily & his name is DRAYCO MCCOY.  Next we have the Chicago uprising legend who goes by the name of WARHOL.SS there's no need to even explain we're positive y'all will agree to this placement. To keep this going we have South Carolina's finest, DIAMOND MILLER who has fiery bars for day. Next up is the Houston protege TEDY ANDREAS who's latest project "IN2DEEP" that is easily one of the best mixtapes to drop all year. All the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana we have PICOTHAPLUSMAN++ who found his way onto COZY BOYS (A$AP LOU) playlist with his fire single "DREAMING++". Ever since then we've been really vibing to his tunes he creates! Last but not least is the Dallas political artist who really has something to say whenever he picks up the mic & that is RIKKI BLU, do your research before you bash us for this placement... He's the real deal & can easily become one of your favorite underground rappers if you give him a chance. 

  • FXNESSE2X - Memphis producer who's produced for a handful of your favorite rappers out now! We welcome him onto these lists with open arms!
  • F1LTHY - WorkingOnDying, in-house producer thats done work for Matt Ox, LUCKI etc he's really came up this year & is nowhere near finished!
  • GRIMM DOZA - New Jersey producer who has some of the grimiest beats you've ever it was only right he had a spot on this.
  • FBK - B$R inhouse producer who makes some of the hardest trap beat & really anything else you want to call it he's had major placements from SMOKEPURPP to LIL PUMP. 
  • DELUX - Charlotte producer who is currently on the road to success with is unique sounds he provides on his production!
  • PHANTOM93 - If you listen to 006SET then you'd know why he made this list his work is phenomenal.
  • MILANMAKESBEATS - the reason why CARTI is still relevant, the god of underground production his credits prove that exact statement.
  • ANTWON CARRERA - Cali producer who mastered the art of horror filled production, he's worked to RETCH, DA$H, $HA HEF etc!
  • CRIS DENIRO - he's the reason for the wifisfuneral bangers & Robb bank$ bangers we bump on the daily.
  • FORZA - WorkingOnDying in-house producer currently building his way to the top with his tread filled production.
  • SEGA808S - ATL producer who puts all his love into his work, done work for DSAVAGE, THOUXAN etc.