Maryland Vs. The World!

Get to know LIL XELLY on his very first Q&A courtesy of us here at UsVersusTheWorld! We've always got you covered with the hidden talents making noise from anywhere in the world! XELLY goes on to tell us his inspirations, who he looks up to, how he feels about the underground scene & more! After recently delivering a well received project titled "XELLYWORLD" it's no telling what else he has in store for 2018. Read up on our conversation with Rockville's buzzing sensation below & get in tune with his latest releases on his Soundcloud!

Q: To start off, what is your name & where are you from?

A: I'm LIL XELLY out of Rockville, Maryland.

 Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started rapping at a young age I don't really remember exactly when but I was always writing. 

Q: Who would you say you looked/look up to musically?

A: I looked up to my brother, EAZY-E, WARHOL.SS etc.

Q: What is your favorite song right now?

A: My favorite song right now is Phase by GUNNA. 

Q: What is your favorite song you have made?

A: I don't have a favorite song because I really have a lot of music like it's unbelievable

Q: How do you want people to receive your music?

A: All of my music will be on souncloud until further notice.

Q: How long did it take you to make your extensive mixtape at the end of last year?

A: It took me at least like 30 days to make new songs but even some of those ain't go on the tape. I just wanted to share my growth.

Q: If you could have any pair of shoes right now what would they be?

A: Black cement 3's or Cherry 12's.

Q: What is your biggest motivation for making music?

A: My biggest motivation is myself & I don't really know how to explain that. 

Q: So for Xelly’s World you decided to do a different cover for every song, was that a plan the whole time or did it happen to work out that way?

A: Yeah the plan was to have different types of art for each song just for different reasons but really to try something more eye catching to my listeners & whoever else is listening. 

Q: You’ve worked with a lot of great artists and continue to, who have been some of your favorites?

A: WIFIGAWD, GRIMM DOZA, ALVINXABYSS , SUB9K hopefully more this year.

Q: Now that we’ve made some progress in the year, how do you feel about the future of 2018?

A: I don't have any plans but to drop as much content as last year I'm just building.

Q: How do you feel about the status of rap right now?

Rap right now is just too easy it's people just rapping for months & get on I don't fuck with that. 

Q: Whats your go to food when you’re in the studio?


Q: Coming from a place like Rockville, do you feel like an underdog at all?

A: Yes coming from here you get no love from your peers they will love me later though

Q: Is there anything you wanna say to our readers?

A: I love all my fans & my supporters big things coming this year.. but get ready for #FYX4 shout out usversusworld!






DEADSTEAD Vs. The World!

Meet one of South Florida's most promising underground stars who goes by the name of GABELAMANE. The HOMESTEAD native gives viewers a front row to his life as an artist & as an individual living in a small town just south of Miami, Florida. He gives us a very detailed Q&A in which he goes on to say how the collective "BRAINDEAD" came to be, shouts out to the rest of the guys as well, OTTO, JERRZI & DANNY HILL$! GABE brings an insanely versatile sound to the plate, while letting it be known he will always pay homage to those who inspired him to be what he is now. Read for yourself our deep & personal conversation in which we've had the opportunity to partake in, with BRAINDEAD's own, GABELAMANE below & hear some of his hit tracks on Soundcloud as well!

Q: What’s your name & Where you from?

A: Name is GabeLaMane from a pretty small shitty town down south in Homestead Florida.

Q: What made you want to start making music?

A: A lot of things led to making music, mostly my homies in my group. I started off just wanting to make my own streetwear brand, and the homies really pushed me to make music cause they saw something in me I think, I’ve always loved music, but when this underground scene came into play I fell in love with it since day one since the Raider Klan days, Black Smurf, Bones all of that it was so raw and uncensored and really transparent and that shit was cool to me and I knew I wanted to make a name for myself in that world because I know a couple years down the line, what myself and everyone else is doing in this game will be looked at as history.

Q: How did the collective “BRAINDEAD” come to be?

A: I met everyone in BRAINDEAD in high school we all went to the same school, and we were just homies not even super tight yet. And one day I heard that first Earl tape, and it changed my life, I saw these dudes were doing whatever they wanted and did it with their friends and didn’t give a fuck what anybody said and you can just tell it was all organic and I wanted to be apart of something like that. So me and my boy Jerzi spoke about it but we didn’t make music at all but we knew Danny and Otto did we came to them pretty much saying were gonna handle the streetwear/image part of things and you guys just keep making music and we’ll all help each other out. But long story short they helped us get into the making music part and taught me everything I know when it comes to that and ill always be thankful. Those guys are my brothers, and I wouldn’t wanna be doing it with anyone else.

Q: Describe your music with one word?

A: Versatile

Q: We noticed you changed your name, Is Soulja Mane nomore? & if so why’d you choose Gabe La Mane?

A: I originally started with GabeLaMane and then came out with Soulja Mane because really my favorite rapper ever is Master P, and I was into making that heavy hitting sorta trap vibes but as time went, I started experimenting with other sounds just trying to be as versatile as I could and felt like being Soulja Mane was trapping me in a box and I felt limited and my mentality in this world is I live my life with no limits. So it just felt right to go back to my roots and be GabeLaMane so I can show everyone I’m much more then just one sound pretty much.

Q: How old are you?

A: I’m 19

Q: What’s a studio session with you like, & do you write your lyrics or is it all off the dome?

A: Studio sessions with me are for the most part pretty fast, I wish I could spit off the dome some hard shit but na, I write a whole song in about 15 minutes, and take most of my time on the recording process getting it down till me and the homies are satisfied with it.

Q: Who/What influences you the most?

A: Im influenced by a lot of the prior people that did it before me, and I’m alright with saying that a lot of these rappers are scared to pay homage to those who did it before them or even their contemporaries now, but ill always show love if I genuinely fuck with you. Im influenced a lot by groups in a whole, like the whole Awful Records movement how they did it so genuinely and want to see all their homies make it. Also the whole ASAP movement, RIP YAMS. And another one is Buffet Boys, they really got great energy and they earned everything they got, Ive had a chance to kick it with some of them and those people are just genuinely good people and shit like that influences me.

Q: What do you plan on accomplishing in 2018?

A: Being more of myself, making more music, prospering with my brothers. Really trying to get a chance to get that platform to show the world our art.

Q: Favorite streetwear brand out now?

A: My favorite Streetwear brand is Wendigo thats some new shit me and a couple of my friends are coming out with now y’all will see soon enough. Do you have any upcoming projects or songs releasing soon? Im recording a project now, but for now on whats ready to release I got a few singles I’m about to put out with some special features. I got a song coming out with two pretty well known artists details coming soon, I also got a crazy track me and my boy Otto that he’s going to release pretty soon with some crazy visuals. More music more everything soon you feel me.

Q: If you could work with any artist at the moment who would it be & why?

A: If I could work with anyone right now it would probably be Yung Lean, his shit has always been crazy always someone I’ve looked up to in this game. He’s really doing this shit for him and doesn’t care if anyone likes it, plus his music is crazy and we would cook up some wild shit.

Q: Top 3 mixtapes ever? This is tough but top 3 ever. The Earl tape, Back From The Dead 2 by Keef, and this isn’t considered a mixtape but I saw it as that the Tales From the Underground by Raider Klan.

A: Will we ever get another BRAINDEAD project? Most definitely, Receptive Death Vol. 2 is about to be put in the works.





Spokane Vs. The World!

We've had the time to reach out to one of Spokane's most dedicated/talented graphic artist & clothing designer who goes by the name of STEEZDESIGNS. We break down a little bit of STEEZ & who he is as a person in the creative underground scene as he's slowly making a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest. While building up a few credits from the likes of our favorite artists in the industry, STEEZ shows he's more than determined to make this year a positive one for him & his growing audience that his art attracts. Read up on our round of personal questions we gave STEEZ to answer & understand him as a creative so that whoever is reading will become a fan of what he brings to the table!

Take a look at his portfolio below:



Q: What’s your name & Where are you from?

A: Steven McCracken, I’m from Spokane Washington.

Q: What made you want to design art?

A: I’ve drawn my entire life and when it came to picking a career I figured arts the thing I’ve put the most hours into so why not make it my living. It’s also the thing I enjoy doing most in my off time.

Q: Who/What influences you the way most?

A: Famous artists and their art have always been interesting to me, but I feel like most of my inspiration comes from seeing other kids doing the same thing as me make it. Whether they’re graphic designers, producers, rappers, or whatever I’ve seen so many kids go from ten followers to working with their favorite artists within years. It really gives me the hope that I’ll be joining them in the near future.

Q: What is one thing you want to achieve in 2018?

A: Last year I drove myself to the edge of insanity by setting myself too high of goals. So for this year the only real thing I want to do is make better art and stay positive, and I think achievements will come along with that.

Q: Describe your work in one word?

A: Steez.

Q: Best cereal?

A: They just brought back Oreo Os, no other cereals compare.

Q: What is your art process, meaning what do you like to do/hear when creating?

A: I’ll usually just get a little high and drink some coffee or a redbull to keep me motivated lol. Then I’ll usually throw on either some instrumentals or MF DOOM, something lowkey like that so I can focus. That’s just my ideal environment though I’m usually working in a loud living room at my house with 6 roommates.

Q: We see you have quite a few credits.. any other artist you would like to work with?

A: So many, Some of the biggest though would be Famous Dex, Retch, Yung Bans, ASAP Ferg, and some of the greats like MF Doom and Sosa but idk if those will ever happen.

Q: One thing you would tell your biggest fan?

A: If you want to be an artist or do whatever you’re passionate about, the hardest part is going to be not quitting. Im over two years into this and I’m just now getting some recognition, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost quit, but if it’s truly your passion quitting simply isn’t an option -

Q: Top 3 mixtapes?

A: Damn of all time would probably go Capital Steez - Amerikkkan ASAP Ferg - Ferg Forever Danny Brown - Detroit State Of Mind 4 -

Q: Any future plans for your clothing?

A: Got a ton planned over the next year, hopefully including a new website. As of right now I don’t have the funds or the following to be really successful with a clothing though so I want to wait until cover art takes off a little more and then when this isn’t fun to me anymore I’ll be able to turn my full attention to my own art and a clothing line. It may not be real soon but keep your eyes out for some Steez collections they’re coming.





Phoenix Vs. The World!

We would love to introduce a very special feature on our Q&A series, Jayla aka BLACKLENSES. Jayla is a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona who's photos speak a thousand words while being entirely in black & white. If we do say so ourselves, that's exactly what makes her photography stand out. She's taken images of countless living legends such as the late, LIL PEEP, PLAYBOI CARTI, TRACY, THOUXANBANFAUNI, UNOTHEACTIVIST & many more! Just a few days ago, we had the opportunity to ask her a few personal questions regarding her role as a photographer. Take the time out to familiarize yourself with a creative who is making a name for herself one step at a time out of her hometown in Phoenix. 

Take a look below at her website & a few pictures from her portfolio below: 


Q: What’s your name & where are you from? 

A: Jayla Lawrence (BLACKLENSES) I'm 21 & from Phoenix

Q: What is “BLACKLENSES” & what does it mean to you? -

A: When I first started shooting i slowly began to realize I needed some kind of branding behind my photos & since I shoot mostly black & white the name ended up sticking.

Q: What made you want to become a photographer? -

A: In high school I was a band kid who didn't see themselves trying to be a musician after graduating but since I also studied Graphic design, photography was always around. I picked up a camera in class one day junior year & stopped going to band. From there I started taking pictures around the neighborhood & of my friends , I guess it carried on into adulthood too. making memories for people is fulfilling.

Q: Who/What inspires you the most? -

A: Films, Guillermo Del Torro & Larry Clark are my top two directors right now

Q: Describe the feelings your photos give off? -

A: It honestly depends on which photo you're looking at, some are a darker vibe than others

Q: We see that you have merch & it’s called “RESPECT THE SHOOTER”, what made you want to bring that to life? -

A: Visual artists don't get a lot of respect working in this industry, I've had a few of my photos stolen, used without accreditation etc. That's mostly where the idea came from, frustration & wanting to make something that I felt I could wear when I'm shooting as well as any other visual artist.

Q: One of your fav photos you’ve taken? -

A: The portraits of Carti

Q: What’s one thing you want to achieve this year? 

A: Go on a gallery tour & shoot a short film.

Q: Craziest thing that’s happened in your life? 

A: I'm not too sure to be honest

What was it like taking pics for Lil Peep, Tracy, Thouxan, Uno etc? Like how did that come about? 

A: I had a couple mutual friends of Fauni & they asked if I was interested in coming to the show. I pulled up , got a couple shots and that's were Uno & I met. I text Uno the day after the show & we linked up and had a photoshoot at the house, they're great people so it was fun. Back in 2016 is when I ending up meeting Gus he came out & performed at the Suicide Boys show, it was an interesting experience. I barely just turned 20 & he was 19 at the time , we thought it was cool to see other & other people our age making moves like that. I met Tracy in October last year. I shot his set & we kicked it in the green room while I filmed for a little bit ,he's probably one the quietest people I've met.

Q: Favorite cereal?

A: Coco Pebbles

Q: Your biggest fear?

A: I don't like snakes or birds



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Charlotte Vs. The World!

UsVersusWorld's own and one of my best friends, COLESROBOT has been in the conversation as one of the most creative artists hailing from CLT. I've been following his work for over 3 years and his constant progression is something I've been able to see first hand. Many have wanted me to pick the brain of this 19 year old trendsetter and now here is his first published interview. Read the full interview below and check out my favorite pieces of art by Cole right here:

- To get this interview started, let’s get the easy stuff out of the way. Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from?

"My name’s Cole Klapheke, I’m a digital visualist and I’m 19. I’m from Charlotte, NC but I live in San Jose right now."

- Where did the nickname “colesrobot” come from?

"So I had ‘@colemanklapheke’. That was me. That was my personal account. Colesrobot was supposed to literally be 'my robot'. Well I had different passwords, and I guess someone happened to know the colemanklapheke password, hacked me on twitter and instagram and deleted my accounts. So I just kept colesrobot and built from there."

- You’ve worked with a lot of artists whether it’s cover art or even some wild ass edits. Who has been your favorite artist to work with?

"I think one of my favorite people to work with is honestly WesX. He has really good direction and I feel as if he has a good sense of how people's styles work."

- Many know you’re the co-creator for UsVersusWorld. How did you and Jay come together and how did this blog come to life?

"So about a year ago I was getting into all this. I knew no one. I knew the locals in Charlotte, but I did not know there was this whole scene where even if someone doesn't know you, they know of you. So one of my friend who raps, Sleepy said he was managed by this dude Jay Danza and my friend Delux was too. So me, not knowing shit, I’m like 'I need a manager, man.' So I hit up Javon and he knew who I was already and he said he was down. I feel like a lot of people overlook it but Javon really took me under his wing and I’m still under there. I'm still young as shit and going through the dumbest shit all the time and he’s hella patient with me and really helps me get a sense of strategy in all this. Us Versus The World is just the start of amazing ideas me and Javon got."

- I’ve seen that you have been working with different landscapes in your most recent work on your social media. Is there a deeper meaning behind that or am I digging too deep?

"My more recent work has actually been more focused on taking the skills I have and making this almost painting-like digital collage style. I’ve been trying to convey more feelings and depth. I honestly might even be a little emotional when I’m creating. I’m glad you noticed. I really like having this aura of mystery and cloudiness in my work. I feel like it leaves a lot of room for people’s brains."

Cole's work is meant to leave us wondering; keeping interpretations up for grabs. It's more than art. It can be a conversation. He's trying to grab admirer's attention by trying to showcase a certain feeling or emotion. The mystery is what makes Cole's work so captivating to his fans.

- I know you were a huge fan and even met Lil Peep. Having said that, if you could create artwork for anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

"Lil Peep was super crazy to meet and I feel like he was one of those people on a similar brain wave as me. I really would’ve loved to work with him. Honestly if I had to pick someone I think that it would be Montell2099 . If you havent heard of that guy he's ridiculous. His music is insane and I have a feeling my visuals would go great with it."

- Could you give an explanation behind the videos you make. They’re all so atmospheric and trippy. What is the purpose behind them?

"Honestly a huge part that goes into a lot of my art is me getting pretty high and just going to some place in my mind that I think is beautiful at the time. The videos are for aesthetic pleasure and to create something high quality for people to be exposed to. It's so important to spread quality art."

Who are you biggests influences when it comes to your art?

"I’m honestly influenced by the designer Math and I fuck with Jackson Pollock. I go to a lot of ravey shit and certain substances take me to dope places in my mind. I really try to find a lot of real world, natural stuff that inspires me."

- What’s the biggest difference between North Carolina and California?

"Honestly people are supportive in california. They know the difference between quality and bs. They understand how a cohesive society should work and execute it well. NC is a beautiful place but everyone kind of minds their business and sticks to themselves."

- What’s one word you’d use to describe yourself?

"Little bitch"

- I remember when you were putting your art on clothing not too long ago. Are you going to expand on that any time soon?

"That's a little hush hush. I’m sorry." 

Translation: Expect some crazy Colesrobot clothing this year.

- What advice can you give any artist trying to make it?

"The most important thing to do as an artist is keep going. Life is not easy and if you don't have passion and hard work behind your shit it really feels like nothing is going anywhere. You can't stop, you never know when youre about to get subbed in to the game."

- What’s an excuse artists use that pisses you off the most?

"Any excuse pisses me off. Everyone comes from everywhere and is going through some sort of struggle. Being an artist isn't easy for anyone."

- What can fans expect from you this year?

"This year I’m working with as many people as possible. I feel like with the new style I’ve been using I could collaborate with a dope drawing artist. I’m gonna really work on getting my name out to a lot of bigger artists and continue to build my platform."

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Charlotte Vs. The World!

A few days ago we got the chance to ask one of Charlotte's rising stars a handful of questions so that the fans & everyone supporting could get to know the artist on a whole other level through his own perspective. To say the least, we are truly inspired by KALE HUNTER. His work speaks for itself & stands out on it's own. His delivery & versatility is insane and his songs will put anyone in a great fucking mood. KALE K has been making noise out of the Queen City for quite some time & plans on making 2018 his breakthrough year & from the looks of his most recent release. It's becoming more than evident that his rise will happen! Take the time to read up on who KALE HUNTER truly is & why he is going to be the next big star in the upcoming year!

Q: Alright to start this off, Where'd you get the name KALE K from & why do you consider yourself a Kardashian?

A: I wanted my name to be something dealing with money &  I chose "HUNTER"  because I'm chasing the money.

Q: Explain your music to a new listener in one word?

A: Pretty. 

Q: What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

A: Look myself in the mirror & smile. 

Q: Explain a "KALE K" studio session? 

A: There has to be a big ass picture up on the wall of myself & there has to be a different color in the room, preferably pink or red. 

Q: Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

A: I see myself driving a pink Hummer then laying down in a pink room with 10 bitches all around.

Q: If you were to ever meet your #1 fan what would you do/tell them? 

A:  I would grant him the next 3 months of fucking bitches & having nonstop kush smoke.

Q: What upcoming projects do you have planned?

A: Prettiest Flexer Ever should be dropping at the top of January or this month.

Q: What is "PINK" music?

A: "PINK" music puts you in a happy place & it calms you down.

Q: Top 3 mixtapes of all time? 

A: Back From The Dead, Barter 6, & Pretty Boy Swag. 

Q: Any Charlotte artist you fuck with?

A: Ron$oCold, Jay Storm, 10CELLPHONES, $MINK, MELYCASHIER, Anzier

Q: Why is Charlotte important to you? 

A: Charlotte is my hometown. I really only want all the bitches here though, that's why it's important. 

Q: Last question, what is your favorite rolling/strain?

A: Woods & Girl Scout Cookies.  





Baton Rouge Vs. The World!

We present to you the PICOTHAPLUSMAN++ Q & A. The buzzing artist from Louisiana that makes music to vibe to and holds a place in your favorite playlist. Thanks to his manager @WHOTFISMAR for having us feature him onto our pages for the first time. He has been an artist on our radar for quite some time now. The rapper on the rise has a project on its way titled "TIMELESS" that is destined to be his breakthrough. With the opportunity to get closer with the man behind the rap, don't forget to stay updated with new moves, music and sounds.

Q: What's your name & Where are you from?


Q: What is your fav cereal?

A: Captain Crunch++

Q: Fav clothing brand out now?

A: "Naked And Famous"

Q: Top 3 Inspirations? - "MOMS, MYSELF, And OKANE"++

Q: What made you want to start rapping? -My Big Brother Marquez++

Q: How can you describe your music?


Q: Artists you want to work with?

A: None At Tha Moment Prolly Later On Down The Line I'll Know, But For Now Im Just Honing My Style And Perfecting My Craft To Be Tha Best Rapper Out++

Q: What can we expect from you in the near future?

A: Currently Working On My Newest Project Titled "TIMELESS" No Release Date Yet , But It Should Be Dropping No Later Than August++

Q: Fav album of all time?

A: "The College Dropout"++

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A: Making Investments To Further Make Sure For Tha Rest Of My Life Myself And My Family Are Taken Care Of++

Q: Swishers, Backwoods, or Raws?

A: None of those++ I Like Big Blunts So I Prefer To Roll Phillies Cigars And When Im On Tha Go Optimos++

Q: How did you come up with your name?

A: My Homie Xan Started Calling Me "PICO" In High School After Getting Loaded Watching "Paid In Full" One Day++ I Always Put Tha Double "++" Behind Everything So People Just Started To Call Me "PLUSMAN"++





Yesterday I had the the opportunity to have a Q&A with one of the hardest working producers in the underground scene right now, he goes by the name of FXNESSE2X. I've always seen his name credited at the end of a lot of my favorite songs & I wanted to get to know him as a person & also a producer. This guy has big time credits & his beats are out of this world! The future for FXNESSE2X is very bright,  don't be surprised if you begin to see his name everywhere. Read below to find out exactly who FXNESSE2X is! 


JD: What's your name? & Where you from?

F2X: My name is TJ but my stage name is FXNESSE2X, a couple of my friends call me fxnesse tho. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee. To be more specific Antioch, TN which is a area in Nashville. Almost like a small town but not really. That's where I consider I'm from, this is where I grew up.

JD: Backwoods, Raws, Or Swishers?

F2X: Really white grape games or green games, swishers would be my 2nd choice. I can fuck with woods if you don't roll limp ass shits

JD: What made you want to start producing?

F2X: Honestly I always had the like feeling of being a producer since a little kid. I use to hum songs but in my head I always added extra sounds or maybe singing you feel me? I didn't actually start doing it until like 8th grade on my iPod lmao. So it's been like 6 years give or take. I still remember telling my family that's what I wanted to be when I grew up for the first time too.

JD: At what age did you start producing?

F2X: About 13 or 14.

JD: What's your fav clothing brand right now?

F2X: I'd say 10deep, don't have much of it but def one of my favs. I really just rock whatever looks cool, nice quality all that good shit. I really wanna rock more upcoming street wear instead of shit everyone wears tho.

JD: Who's some of the artists you work with? & will we see more placements from you in the future?

F2X: So far I've worked with SAHBABII, UNOTHEACTIVIST, ATL SMOOK, DSAVAGE, FREHIE, BLVCK LONDON, me and MAR90s got shit in the cut too, but that's for some of the more notable placements, S/o to all of the ones I have worked with though it's just too many to name. And of course I'm always working. Freshie and I have more shit that's actually confirmed and it's super hard all of them. As for the others I've named we'll see what happens.

JD: Who's some of the artist & producers you would like to work with?

F2X: Mannnnn I wanna work with THOUXANBANFAUNI the most. Always been a fan of him. Then FAMOUS DEX and CARTI and UZI. definitely more with Uno and SAHBABII. Other than that no one really that I can think of off the top of my head. Been kinda sleep on all the new music dropping in the underground scene honestly.

JD: How can you describe your sound?

F2X: I'd describe it as really melodic, almost dark but light at the same time. Real wavy shit. Some shit you can really vibe and like rap rap on, not no diamonds on my wrist bitch on my dick shit. I'm trying to start a new trend cuz everyone sounds the same now. Gotta stand out and you can't do that if you can't tell this producer from the next without his tag in it.

JD: Long term goals?

F2X: I just want to make it to a point I can live comfortably off of making beats. I don't have to be metro level and ones like him, but I do wanna die a legend and that's all. I'm making my mark on the game soon.

JD: Last question, when's the highest you've ever been?

F2X: Lmfaoooo man one time I smoked a fat ass joint with my homie Marley before school one morning and I was so fucking high I was sweating like a mf and it was like 20 degrees outside. Everybody on there thought I was tweakin fr lmfao.