Atlanta Vs. The World!

From humble beginnings in the North Side of Atlanta, LARRY LEAGUE’s own RANDY (A.K.A. RandyHOODRICH), has proven to be a staple in modern Atlanta hip-hop culture as well as one of the best bar-for-bar spitters in the underground. Along with his Larry League brothers Larry Loudpack and SenseiATL, his infectious energy and original punchlines on each track have catapulted him to the brink of stardom. Recently we had a chance to catch up with Randy and get some quick insight into his background, future endeavors, and the looming question that is; “Where’s Superbad?” in this iconic addition to our Q&A series!

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Cobb county but raised in Atlanta.

Q: What was life like growing up?

A: Pretty easy going. Caused myself problems here and there but usually partied and hung with friends.

Q: How did you meet Larry and Sensei?

A: We actually went to middle school together. We ended up having classes together and became friends when they started a band.

Q: One deceased artist you could bring back to the world?

A: Mac Miller no questions asked.

Q: Favorite clothing brand(s) out at the moment?

A: Unwanted.. Shoutout to Luke and Jon.

Q: When did you decide that music could be your career?

A: When we started picking up a fan base really. It was really a dream until it became a reality.

Q: How do you feel about the underground atmosphere in Atlanta right now?

A: Since I’ve been in it, the scene is pretty tired and not many people believe in it. I think another modern renaissance is coming.

Q: Top 3 Chief Keef projects?

A: Bang 2, Bang 3, and Back From The Dead 2.

Q: What are your go-to gas station snacks?

A: Rap Snacks and a gallon of water.. Gotta stay hydrated.

Q: Favorite movies of all time?

A: Probably.. The Lion King. All-star cast and best songs.

Q: Who were you listening to growing up?

A: Mac Miller, DRE, and Kanye West.

Q: Best food spot in Atlanta?

A: Best Wings on Boulevard and Ponce.

Q: What should everybody be on the lookout for in the future?

A: Superbad is 98% done. Look out for that. I’ll be dropping a solo effort, and we have an EP ready, post-Superbad.






Miami Vs. The World!

Art has no limits nor guidelines & when someone is gifted to create masterpieces it’ll be profound in their work from the very start. Making way with a distinct eye for abstractions & satirical portraits is Miami’s talented ETHAN PUNAL. Ethan has made his presence to the underground & the public’s eye an important presence as he brings us captivating pieces with names that range from rappers, cartoon characters to movie stars. Breaking down a take on his life from the beginning stages to where he is now, Ethan shares with our pages an in depth Q&A where he speaks on what exactly made him who is he today. Take a look below at a portion of his weighted portfolio with an endless amount of far beyond familiar names!

Q: Who is Ethan Punal? 

A: An artist, a son, a brother, uncle, friend, and student of the world. 

Q: Where are you from & what was it like growing up there? 

A: I am from Miami, FL (Kendall to be exact). Kendall is very different from the rest of Miami because there is not really a lot of things going on down here. For all the events and other fun stuff, you must go downtown or to Wynwood. My friends and I are actively working to try and change that.

Q: What moved you to want to become an artist? 

A: I feel like everyone is an artist in their own way from the day they are born. Me personally my mom always kept my younger sister and I involved in random arts and crafts things of all sorts. One day she would have us making our own playdoh or making oobleck, then the next we would be finger painting. But in terms of pursuing it as a career so to speak, my friends really drove me and motivated me to take that next step and break the stigma of it being unrealistic. They were all kind of doing their own things with music and design from an early age and it just inspired me to get to that level too and tap into my own artistry.

Q: Favorite art piece ever? 

A: My favorite art piece ever is an illustration my mom made when I was younger. She used to make her own children’s books and illustrate them all the way through just to read to my sister and I. There is this one drawing she did of the New York City skyline in a cartoon form that has always stuck with me. She used like Styrofoam for the windows and cotton for snow and it was just crazy. Honestly, I am just trying to make cool stuff that compares to that. My mom is my only competition haha. 

Q: What inspires you? 

A: My family, my friends, other artists, being broke, and feeling underappreciated in my local community. 

Q: What’s your most favorable environment to work in?

A: Alone in my bedroom with either a good album playing, an interview on, or a great movie. I also make my best stuff in the early morning. 

Q: If you could explain your art in one word what would you say? 

A: Smart.

Q: When you’re not drawing what’s something that keeps you occupied?

A: Real life haha. School, work, my family, my friends, errands, bills. I also over obsess about my art and I am always on the move with it, so it really takes up most of my time.

Q: Who/What influences you? 

A: For the most part I would say the same things that inspire me. Also, my parents both have extremely good work ethic. My mom is a school teacher and touches the lives of so many kids’ year after year. I just want to be able to have that same impact. My dad to this day is still pursuing his dreams of being a drummer and it has shown me that this game is hard work and you got to keep working at it. Nothing in this is easy. 

Q: How old are you? 

A: 22.

Q: What’s your favorite song to listen to? 

A: Hustler Musik by Lil Wayne.

Q: Favorite rapper right now? 

A: Skepta. Of all time it would be Wayne.

Q: If you could be somebody dead or alive who would it be & why? 

A: My nephew because he is still at that stage where nothing matters but playing with your friends and having fun. Zero responsibilities and no pressure but being a kid. 

Q:  Is there any artist you’d like to work with at the moment?

A: Skepta, Kanye, Bape team, Travis Scott, Robb Banks, Takashi Murakami, Hajime Sorayama, Yue Minjun, maybe George Condo.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

A: Supporting my family and myself off my craft and putting my boys in positions to capitalize on certain opportunities. 

Q: What’s next for Ethan?

A: More designs, more art, going to keep pushing my brand, Leaping Sundogs and legitimizing that and getting it out into the clothing world.

Q: When did you start designing & what would tell anyone who wants to learn?

A: 2015. I would tell them don’t be scared and to try everything. You can’t break the rules when you don’t know them yet.






Utah Vs. The World!

 Within about two and a half months, Parker Jeppsen has become a household name. Though, to hear it from him; he and his team do not plan on letting up any time soon. After a trip to Mexico, Jeppsen made a point to stop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Throwing a pop-up with 10cellphones and dropping their collaboration the next day, gained the notice of many. To understand the artist though, it was important to be taken through his ideas piece by piece. The team caught up with Absent's owner and below is everything we gathered.


Q: So, for those who aren't up to date, who is Parker?

A: The past couple months I’ve really been trying to figure that out, I ask myself that a lot, cause I do a lot. Whether it be Absent, photography, videography, designing for other brands, or creative direction, whatever it may be. I think overall I am just a teenager with a lot of ideas trying to build the best platform I can for myself and my friends.

Q: Damn, where are you from?

A: I'm from a small, close-minded town in Utah called Brigham City, where the closest thing to being creative is the art class at my high school where the teacher makes everyone paint the same mountain in the same style. I really don’t like claiming where i’m from, not a lot of people here like me so that’s why I travel a lot for Absent. Utah is very beautiful though, and I do have really cool friends from here.

Q: What influenced you growing up out there?

A: Honestly just knowing I was different, whether it was clothes, music, choices I made, whatever, it’s really easy to separate yourself from the “popular” kids when you realize you’re cooler *laughs*. But, I was always into clothes, like when I was 13 I started flipping fake bape & supreme to buy odd future clothes, music wise I was always into like Mac Miller, Chance and Frank Ocean, no one else besides my friends listened to them so it kinda gave us that exclusivity that makes people feel like they’re part of something, you know?

Q: For sure, where was your favorite place you traveled growing up?

A: Growing up my family was broke as hell, but as I got older, like 14 I went to Los Angeles with my dad and ever since then I’ve wanted to live there. Another cool place I’ve been to was Chicago, and I’m going back this year so I’m excited for that.

Q: Yeah, Chicago going to be crazy! What events or ideas led you to start Absent?

A: Alright so, this is gonna be a little corny, but when I started Absent I was working at PacSun, still on my supreme, vintage guess, revenge storms bullshit; but I was just getting so tired of clothes in general, so I decided to just make something of my own, I screen printed “het ha mecte” which means “Absent / not here” in Russian and I loved it. I sold a few at my school and then a few months later it’s taking me all over the country, selling clothes to kids who saw Absent online, I want it to give kids who hate shopping at malls some sort of unity, deeper than clothes. It’s crazy 'cause something I made in my bedroom has touched down in 8+ countries and hundreds of kids hands. I really think this can be my full time job eventually.

Q: Is it difficult being from Utah trying to get the word out?

A: Honestly no, at first it was but now I have a really good base of support, things happen on the internet, LA has turned sort of corny to me because people think things just happen when you move there. that’s not the case, everything happens on the internet, and you have to want it. Like my friend Aaron who runs Brigade said “you have to want it more than you want to eat” and that’s really how it is, a 24/7 job. It doesn’t matter where you’re from you can make something blow up in your bedroom in Tulsa (shoutout kodone) just as easy as you can make something blow up in Los Angeles.

Q: 1000%, Where do you see yourself in two years?

A: Hopefully still running Absent, have a warehouse and a general flagship store with a billboard. I want to manage an artist and help bring them up once I’m more established. I want to keep meeting my friends who run brands in person, keep traveling, keep pushing, just keep doing me.

Q: What should the audience understand about you and your ideas?

A: I think that’s all up for interpretation, art in itself is all interpretation. I want the work to speak for itself and people can take it however they do. That’s what’s so interesting about making clothes to me. But I guess myself, I’m a very hard working person and I work every hour on Absent. “Dreams come true when you don’t sleep”

Q: Who are some other creatives that influence you?

A: There’s so many but I’m gonna' keep it relatively simple. My friends inspire me, 'cause having idols is a waste of time. Here’s a few people that helped Parker Jeppsen be Parker Jeppsen:


brayden valerie alexander burke reilly patton ian woods melvin medlin choker sam leblanc zacftp 10cellphones

Q: What's next for you?

A: A few new collections, a lot of pop ups, being very busy and just a lot of art.

Q: Can you tell people more about the rhinestone collection with unathletic?

A: Me and unathletic text every hour of the day about ideas of everything, our messages are literally a chalk board, he’s one of my closest friends and we decided to flip the switch and drop the mlb logo rhinestone designs, it’s dropping October 1st, the same day as his EP, and the collection consists of a hoodie, a hat, wind cargo pants, and a beautiful pair of sandals all with our mlb logo in rhinestone. very excited for this collection. me and unathletic got a lot of eyes on us.

Q: Bet, on a completely separate note you run absent and are obviously influential in clothing but what musicians do you listen to routinely?

A: My favorite musicians are Lucki, Choker, BBY Kodie, & Shrimp there’s a more but those are the 4 I listen to religiously.

Q: Last but not least, can you explain the obsession with berry Fanta?

A: I had never seen it until I came out to the east coast, I was in Charlotte at this random ass gas station and they had blue Fanta and I was like "what??" It looked amazing and I bought like 4 bottles, need a pack if so anyone sees it I’ll pay you so much to ship me a case.


So with that we confirm, Parker Jeppsen is in fact; for the people. Be sure to keep up with the mastermind @parkersdeath and absentusa.com




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ATL Vs. The World!

Growing up in Venezuela and now residing in Atlanta, DEADPICASSO is one of the youngest and most talented 18-year-olds running the ATL scene. With his vibrant style of photography/filmmaking, his unique prospect on his art, and artists like YUNG BANS,  NESSLY, 6 DOGS, and PLAYBOICARTI under his belt, DEADPICASSO is definitely someone you should be on the lookout for. keep scrolling to see our chat with him about Pokemon, moving to America, and the process of making the "6 DOGS - OK" music video that has racked up over 600k views on YouTube.

Q. So where are you from?

A. I grew up in Spain and Venezuela, I spent half of my life in Venezuela living with my mom and grandparents then I moved to the US.

Q.  What was your upbringing like?

A.  Growing up was pretty hard and confusing. We moved around a lot and my parents were never together. I lived with my mom most of the time. Surprisingly my dad was still there for both of us and he always calls and checks up on me when I was in Spain and when he was in the United States.

Q. What was it like moving to America?

A. It was really weird even tho I used to visit a lot since my dad is American. It was really fun to come with family as a kid until I actually moved here, that's when everything changed. It wasn't like what I thought it was when I used to come during vacations. It was really hard at first because I didn't speak any English since I only lived in Spanish-speaking countries, because of that it made it really hard for me to have friends. No one fucked with me, I was ugly as shit, and I dressed really badly too. I was very lost, I was on my own, and I was really depressed and the world felt like a really dark place because I had no friends or family around me, and I was alone. However, it all got better with time and here I am now.

Q. What got you into videography/photography and which one did you start first?

A. Living in different places and being around lots of different people made me learn lots of different things. I remember as a kid I would sneak into my uncle's room and steal all his cool music and photos off of his computer, and through doing that it gave me an interest in the arts and music. I remember telling my dad I was interested in cameras and both my dad and my grandfather were into photography so it influenced me a lot. Eventually, my dad gave me a GoPro to take pictures with and I began taking pictures and started making super corny videos and I remember I would try to get insane shots with my camera and post it on Facebook and I would get a ton of likes and shares on it so I decided to start taking things seriously. 

Q. Who are some of your favorite people to shoot?

A. Pretty much all the homies, to be honest. I enjoy creating with the people that you see me post on my Instagram feed. I try to keep the people I always shoot with exclusive and they're usually my close friends.

Q. What do you listen to when you edit?

A. It really depends on how i'm feeling I be listening to SAHBABII and DWN2EARTH heavy as fuck when I edit just because it keeps me focused and keeps my high nice while I'm editing.

Q. So the 6DOGS - OK music video has racked up over 600k views on YouTube can you give us a little bit of insight on the process? 

A. The process of making that video was hilarious not even gonna cap. I remember that day so well but it was at the beginning of the year and I was supposed to hang out with my friend ARLAINA, and she pulls up with 6 DOGS and they called me telling me they were close but I was eating, so they had to wait for me to finish eating. So then I finished and went outside just to talk to them and 6 dogs told me he was trying to make a music video, I accepted it because I was feeling productive, and I got my camera and we just started filming around and inside my apartments. I remembered that we managed to shoot the entire video in 5-6 hours and then I spent the rest of the day editing it. It worked so well and it was so random it also matched the song somehow. But the one thing I learned from that day was that if I was feeling motivated I can do things very fast and If i'm working with the right person.


Q. What is your favorite Pokemon?

A. Shiny Haunter, finna get it tatted.

Q. Who are some of your inspirations or who do you draw inspiration from?

A. Inspiration? It's weird with me because when it comes to inspiration I really don't have any photographer or filmmaker I can mention Because I pretty much get inspired with music, moments, and the way I feel. I'm really weird when it comes to that but i've been trying to look up different ways to get inspired.

Q. What are some of your hobbies or things you're doing when you're not shooting

A. I love painting and drawing, I also really love designing stuff. I always try to keep creating or learning something that i'm interested in so I can know how to do shit in the future. I also love making music by making beats or DJing. 

Q. Does that mean that we'll see a "PROD. DEADPICASSO" in the near future?

A. Hopefully I can get my shit together and start to make songs and when I start releasing songs i'm definitely going to work on merch, nothing corny tho, but I wanna make something I would be able to wear and also other's too so that's gonna be a process.

Q. Who are some of the people that you want to work with in the future?

A. I have a big list of people who I wanna work with in the future like PHOENIX (JOY_DIVIZN), IAN CONNOR, LIL YACHTY , CHARLI XCX , TRACY, and DUWAP KAINE. I would really love to take portraits or just work with them in anyway possible, but I like to let everything happen naturally you know? I don't like having to approach an artist or message that person a lot so they can fuck with me. I always try to get to be friends with them... like meet them, and be genuinely cool with them so I can keep shooting with them consistently. If I don't fuck with the way you are and the way you act. I'm not gonna fuck with you, like it doesn't matter if you got hella clout or not. I'm not gonna fuck with that person. So yeah I try to build confidence and show that i'm not just trying to take pictures.

Q. What do you have to say to anyone who wants to pick up photography/videography

A. All  got to say is keep your head up, don't let anyone change the way you are or the way your art is, don't copy other artists. TRY TO BE DIFFERENT IN A GOOD WAY. Be yourself kids, everything is possible and if you work hard for it you'll get it. I might not be famous or anything yet but believe that hard work pays off. You always gotta be positive and try to find a good side of anything that happens to you. This all really depends on the person you are, just worry about your image and content. Try to always be the best but never be greedy or flex about it. Be the nicest person you can and try to have a purpose on your work and inspire people, mostly young artists, and people who're struggling with finding themselves.


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 Charlotte Vs. The World!

Introducing to all of our supporters, One of Charlotte's biggest and most beloved female artists, BELIS. In the past year, Belis has been dropping banger after banger on a wide variety of production, from Ambient to Trap, to "Plugg" style beats, and more. We caught up with her to get insight on her background, influences, style, and various other topics in this very special addition to our Q&A series!

Q: So where are you from?

A. Charlotte NC

Q: What is your favorite song that you have made so far?

A. "When I Go"  I like it a lot because I feel like the lyrics are very relatable. 

Q: Were does the name Belis come from?

A: I combined my first name which was Bryce with my middle name which is Elisabeth and             it became Belis

Q: Musical Influences

A: My two main musical inspirations are Tame Impala and Doja Cat because they inspired me to harmonize and layer my vocals. 

Q: Artists that you want to work with?

A: Local Artists: MaziWithAPushStart and Devin Lauder

    Non-Local Artists: Lil Uzi Vert, Lucki, and Yung Bans

Q: Favorite Producers/Artists to work with?

A: Artists: Apollo, Isaiah Pharoah, and Nascar Aloe   

    Producers: Znasty, JoshVersusWorldasianorchinese, and Tape$

Q: Top 3 Favorite Movies

A. The God Father, Pulp Fiction, and The Breakfast Club

Q: So how do you pronounce Belis?


Q: Favorite place to eat in Charlotte?


Q: Favorite Pokemon

A. I don't really have one but I have a phoenix tattoo that looks like Articuno so I'll just say that's my favorite.

Q. Any upcoming projects that we should be excited about?

A: I have a tape coming on my birthday in November.

Q: How old will you be turning on your upcoming birthday?

A: 19

Q: What do you like the most about performing at shows?

A: I love interacting with the people that listen to my music and I think it's crazy that some people know my lyrics better than I do.

Q: Can you give us a little insight about your musical progression?

A: I used to make straight-up indie/alternative music and I had a whole EP of it, however, I decided that that was not the direction I wanted to take with music. 

Q: What do you like to do when you're not making music?

A: I love traveling and photography. My favorite place to visit is New York.

Belis will be performing at the upcoming UsVersusWorld show along with a variety of other artists on September 21.





Youngstown, Ohio Vs. The World!

From a small town in Ohio all the way to Pittsburgh, TYLER CALPIN is quickly solidifying himself as one of the brightest young artists today. With his unique touch in fine art photography, Tyler's photos capture raw emotion and purity. We sat down with the young creative to dive into his background and creative process. Now it's time to introduce you to the young legend in this iconic addition to our Q&A series!

Q: Where are you from?

A: I'm currently living, working and studying in Pittsburgh, PA. But I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio.

Q: Have you always had a love for art?

A: I wish I could sit here and say I've loved art my whole life, but I despised art class throughout grade school and never understood the point or power of art until I began studying it. I want to say I fell in love with art once I realized it was something I could do with my life that felt right.

Q: What was life like growing up?

A: Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio was honestly strange and confusing. It’s this midwestern industrial city that died when the steel industry did, and it just never fully recovered. The mix of people is strange too. I never felt like I fit in so I just hung out with skater kids and whoever didn’t think I was weird. However, my parents are super sick and always supported my endeavors, and that’s one thing that I have always been grateful for.

Q: What made you decide to pick up a camera?

A: This is the worst question, because I got into photography because of Instagram. I used an iPhone 4 for a year before I ever touched an analog camera. My friends and I would go to the park after school and take cheesy photos so we could hashtag our posts. But doing that taught me to look at my surroundings from a totally different perspective.

Q: Why do you shoot film exclusively?

A: In high school, I needed to have two art credits to graduate, and after what I considered to be a train wreck of an introduction art class consisting of crude drawings full of smudges and tears, lumpy clay pots and mediocre paintings, I decided I should enroll myself in a black and white film photography class. My aunt gifted me her Nikon FG that she used when she took the same class at my high school. At the time, you also had to pass the black and white class to move onto the digital photography classes, so I had to learn how to shoot and develop 35mm. After doing that and learning how to print in a darkroom, the idea of sitting in front of a computer playing with digital files never seemed that appealing. Film is so hands-on. There is a certain amount of love that goes into the process. It’s deeper than loading your camera, shooting 24 or 36 exposures then sending it to the lab. There is a seemingly endless amount of work and love that can truly go into a great film photo that digital photography just doesn’t do for me. It definitely made find my roots within photography and basically fuels my process.

Q: What are your favorite aspects of photography?

A: I love the fact that it is literally everywhere. Almost every second of everyday, someone is snapping, posting, editing, deleting, downloading and making images. After diving into fine art photography, I realized how limitless the medium can be. Sure there is a romantic idea of photography: a gorgeous darkroom print with perfect tonality and contrast, 2.5-3 inch white borders in a nice quarter inch black frame, hung on a freshly painted white gallery wall. That’s cool. I love that. I also love that photography can be a sculpture sitting on a pedestal simply because it is made from photographic material and utilizes the processes of analog photography. Photography can be straight, conceptual, cringe-worthy, meaningless, technical, etc. The medium is changing everyday.

Q: When did you decide that you wanted to pursue art as a career? 

A: Once I had picked up a camera, nothing else made me feel as fulfilled as photography and art did. Once I started to see success, I felt like I didn’t want to dedicate myself to anything else. Being a 9-5 stiff who sits in a cubicle, doing data entry for $35,000 a year in Oklahoma City (sorry OKC, I’ve never been but I think I’ll be okay) never sounded like much of a life to me. So pursuing art as a career gave me the justification to live life by the seat of my pants and see how things go.

Q: Favorite clothing brands out right now? 

A: This might be the hardest question of the interview because I work at a streetwear boutique, so I’m around clothes and looking at them all day. I work closely with a lot of my friends who do clothes, so shout out to them for trusting me with my ideas and letting me run wild.


Right now, I think Parker Jepsen (and his brand Absent) is killing it right now. Parker is a young dude who I have some real respect for. He never stops working, his designs are fresh, and his cut-and-sew pieces are insanely good. He is doing a piece for me that is gonna blow minds, believe that.

Reviving Real is on top of it too. The owner, Mike Caraballo, actually went to the same high school as me, but we never met or worked until I had moved to Pittsburgh. The brand is just a melting pot of artists from a variety of mediums. It’s really not about the clothes, its about everything else: the art/artists, music, photos, events, etc. The clothes are a tangible product of the brand.

I’m kind of put off big bigger brands because a lot of them are doing corny shit, and the clothes are wearing the people half the time. Every time I see a 12 year old with frosted tips wearing a Supreme shirt and some Yeezys, I want to puke. I’m really into NASCAR tees right now. The graphics are just too good to pass up when you find the right one, plus a vintage tee won’t really break the bank like buying BAPE will. I’m a starving artist and a broke college student at the same time, of course I’m going to buy a $10 NASCAR shirt.

Q: Who are some people that inspire and motivate you? 

A: One of my biggest inspirations has always been Tyler, the Creator. I found him at a time when I needed some guidance, and I guess the shock value of Sandwiches did it for me. His attitude and drive are  perfect examples of what I needed to guide me through my youth.

I’m really motivated by two of my friends, Dom Jasinauskas and Carlos Ramos. Those two are some hustlers. Dom takes some of the most fire street photos I have ever seen. He epitomizes a type of photography I wish I was capable of doing. Carlos is full of genuinely creative and original ideas. I hung out with him in Disney World for a day, and he shot photos and videos on a camera that’s basically broken, but he finesses it and the photos are unreal. He truly loves his craft and I admire that.

Q: Top 3 movies of all time?

A: In no particular order:

Jackass: The Movie. That is comedic gold and visual perfection.

KIDS. Shoutout to Larry Clark and Harmony Korine. That shit is raw and unapologetic.

Toy Story. I feel like I don’t need to offer an explanation for that one.

Q: You have a one way ticket to travel anywhere you want, where are you going?

A: Anywhere in Australia is cool with me. I’ve wanted to go there since I could remember.

Q: Top 3 Tyler, The Creator songs?

A: In no particular order:

FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT. That shit puts me in my feelings and I love singing it off key.

Sandwiches. If you were around during the early days and ever saw him perform that live, then you understand why that is on this list.


Q: Who are some artists that you feel deserve more recognition?

A: Outside of art/photography, I think Choo Jackson needs put on yesterday. He works his ass off, has true talent and awesome stage presence.

My guys Dom Jasinauskas, Carlos Ramos and Joe Robles need more attention for real. They all have endless love for their craft and never cease bringing their ideas and images to life. Hard work and dedication should be recognized before likes or a follower count.

Q: Future aspirations/goals?

A: Ideally I want to just have enough clients/work that I can pay my bills and produce work. All of my creative avenues will collapse eventually and that’s what I really want. I also can see myself opening a gallery/exhibition space to show art made by people I want to give a platform and space to.

Q: What would you tell your 16 year old self today?

A: Keep working, never lose sight of your goals or why you are doing this, and do not trust that girl you meet in two years. Oh and I would tell 16 year old Tyler that he doesn’t get 1,000 Twitter followers for another 5 years so he should chill.


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Atlanta Vs. The World!

Introducing to all of you, one of Georgia's premiere film photographers and constantly evolving artist, REGGIE MOORE. We caught up with Reggie over the past few weeks and were granted a chance to sit down with the creative gaining insight into his personal life, inspirations and aspirations alike. Establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the underground, Reggie is submitting his legacy every day with each photo he snaps. Now it's time to introduce you to the man himself in this legendary addition to our Q&A series!

Q: Where are you from?

A: Decatur, GA. 

Q: What got you into photography originally?

A: Honestly MySpace and YouTube. I always wanted to have like the best profile photo. I ended up buying a camera and the rest is history. 

Q: When did you decide that this could be your career?

A: I haven't decided that this could be my career, I honestly just like to shoot what I like and people that I genuinely fuck with. I would like it to be a career, though. 

Q: Have you always had a love for art?

A: Dude I fuck with art so heavy. I've always liked to express myself in my own way. Art literally not only helps me but others find and grow into the person they want to be. 

Q: What was life like growing up in Decatur?

A: I grew up mostly on the Eastside. Chandler Road and Bouldercrest mainly. You know just like any other hood. Bad kids running around, shootings, fights, but always love at the same time. It's weird. I love black people.

Q: What are your favorite things about photography? 

A: My favorite things are just being able to help others get images and ideas out their head. I love bringing things to life. I also like working with people and building relationships. Helping them step out the box. 

Q: Who are your favorite people that you've taken photos of?

A: Rob Olu, Jon Fowlkes, Cameron Martin, and KEY! The vibe and knowledge and ideas that these people have are so fye. 

Q: Who are you favorite artists where you're from?

A: FRKO, and myself. 

Q: Top 3 movies of all time? 

A: Never Back Down, all the Friday movies, and that one porn that Young M.A. directed. Gotta support our people, Lol.

Q: Who are some people that inspire and motivate you?

A: My mom, Tyler, The Creator, Just all the OG's like FRKO and ChillyO that paved the way and are still doing great things in the community. I want to be able to do what they do. 

Q: What are your favorite songs out right now?

A: Rob Olu - Sade, Drake - Finesse, and all the unreleased Tony Shhnow music I have, Lol. 

Q: Top 3 gas station snacks?

A: Zebra Cakes, Reese's Snack Mix, and blueberry muffins. 

Q: Favorite video games growing up?

A: Need For Speed Underground 2, Mario Kart Double Dash, Pokemon Gold, Def Jam Vendetta, not the trash NY one.

Q: Future aspirations/goals?

A: Would love to work for a media company and I wanna be able to own my own studio where the community can use it. Where kids can have a safe place to learn photography and other life lessons. 

Q: What would you tell your 16-year old self today?

A: Stop being anti-social and go the fuck outside. Start on your dreams and focus on them. Leave the girls alone, Lol. 

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Cameron, North Carolina Vs. The World!

It's time to introduce to all of you the man behind your favorite film photos shot in the underground today. One of our brothers who goes by MELSDEAD has been growing his iconic portfolio of film with known faces in each of his shots. Separating himself more than others he has shots from many great artists despite the fact of coming from a small town in North Carolina. After really stepping to the forefront with his legendary shots we've took the time to sit down with the man himself to get an insight of his daily life & what inspired him to pursue photography on this addition to our Q&A series. MEL is not only our brother here at Us Versus The World but he's soon to be your new favorite film photographer if he's not already!

Q: What’s your name & where you from? 

A: Mel Medlin, mel is my nickname but i’ve always gone by it. I’m from Cameron, North Carolina. if you know who Jeff & Matt Hardy are from WWE they live like right down the road from where i grew up. 

Q: What’s a normal day like for “Melsdead”?

A: I just go wherever money takes me. 

Q: What made you want to start shooting film? 

A: My Mom. She’s super gifted at taking photos, my family has always been artistically inclined but seeing what a film photo can do to you emotionally is what made me gravitate towards it. There are so many feelings I have invested in each one of the photos I take, so the process comes naturally. 

Q: How’d you get so deeply involved in the Charlotte scene, like with the artists & what not? 

A: When I first started taking photos I was just bringing my camera to parties and shooting with my friends. I had already been tied in the local music scene supporting my friends and after i started posting my content, different artists started to hit me up. i guess it was a wrap after that. 

Q: If you could bring any one back to life who would it be & why? 

A: There’s so many people that I wish had never gone but I really believe in my lifetime, the future rerouted when A$AP Yams passed. He’s a legend I’m really inspired by. Peep & X too. 

Q: Who/What inspires you the most? 

A: I get inspiration from something different constantly, but seeing my people win and looking at what/where i came from really helps to put things into perspective. 

Q: How old are you?

A: 21

Q: Favorite thing to do when you’re not shooting?

A: It really depends on my mood, I fuck with just kicking shit but at the same time I want to go do something different, I just don’t like to stay stagnant. 

Q: Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

A: 2 years from now I’ll definitely be able to say my team & I are racked up somewhere exclusive plotting the next move. 

Q: Favorite streetwear brands right now? 

A: FELT & Cruwelf are two brands I’m holding close to my heart but I also really fuck with H33M, illegal innocence, Absent and of course the legends FTP & Foulplay. 

Q: Last song you listened to? 

A: Lucki - Live It. 

Q: Who’s your go to underground artist(s) right now?

A: I’ve been listening to SLIME DOLLAZ, 10CELLPHONES, BBY GOYARD, LIL XELLY, BRAINDEAD, BIGBABYGUCCI & SLIMESITO alot lately, they’re all going super crazy right now. 

Q: How would you describe yourself to someone who’s not familiar with you/your work? 

A: Misunderstood.

Q: Craziest thing that’s happened in your life so far? 

A: I really wish i could pick something specific but there’s always some other shit going on, i fuck with that though. 

Q: What’s next for Melsdead?

A: I just want to keep growing and keep learning, I’m so proud of my team at UsVersusWorld for how far we’ve come in so little time. This is just the beginning so everyone will just have to wait for what’s next. 







Raleigh, North Carolina Vs. The World!

 Lost Appeal is a multi-purpose brand based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their buzz has been building for a while now and it was necessary to get a minute with the person behind it. We got the opportunity to speak with Andrew from Lost Appeal about the brand, his consistency, and how that’s influencing not only the future of Lost Appeal, but the underground as a whole.

Q: — For those that may not know, can you tell them about yourself?

A: My name is Andrew, I operate and own the clothing brand/label/management company Lost Appeal.

Q: Where you from originally?

A: Originally I’m from Raleigh, but l’ve lived in the country about 30 minutes out from Raleigh for like the past 15 years.

Q: How’s everything been that way recently?

A: Everything’s been pretty good lately, been working on a bunch of new clothes that I plan to drop in the next few months. Luve is about to finish up his new album “Heathen” too which we have been working/plotting on since January, really excited for everyone to hear that, it is definitely his best and most experimental project yet. I also started managing my friend Ghostie from the group Anti-World, so me, luve, ghostie got a lot of shows & music in the works. We’ll be checking into them!

Q: So, you came up moving through Raleigh, then you went to Richmond, Virginia. What changed for you in Richmond?

A: I really just started going to Richmond in like 2014 after I turned 18 to get tattoos. There are a ton of great artists there, and through doing that I met a lot of good people and discovered the scene there. Shoutout to Kray, Hunned Mill, Karmah, Lil Percy, Trashcat, Cron, Poozy, False Prpht, Yung Flex, Chay, Rahim, Bleach, Salad, Hooligan Records and everyone else I’ve met up there.

Q: Can you tell us your perspective on Virginia & North Carolina’s movements recently?

A: Richmond has been killing shit for a while, I just don’t think most people realize how many good artists live and make music there. And North Carolina has also been going crazy the past two years, and I feel like we are finally starting to get the exposure that we deserve. I do want to see Richmond and NC artists working together and doing more shows though.

Q: How did you get into management?

A: Well, I started lost appeal (as far as the clothing side of it) in 2015 and for my first 2 shirts I made like 200 of each and had no fan base. I’ve always fucked with the underground scene, so I started going to more and more shows and meeting people and sending shirts to artists that I like. I did my first popup shop at a show in September 2015 at a JK the Reaper show (shoutout to David Wept) and it went really well. Then January 1st 2016, I booked my first show in Richmond with Black Kray, Karmah, Wifigawd, Yung Bruh, Badmon Benz and False prpht/poozy. I was nervous as hell about that show thinking no one would show up, but it ended up selling out. Fast forward a few months later and I had done a few others shows and I wanted to start managing/helping out artists that I fucked with. I met Luve late 2016, and we’ve been killing shit ever since then.

Q: Which artist’s you been listening to most?

A: Pusha T’s new album, Luve, Mutant Joe, Ghostie, Eric North, Sybyr, Leon’s Wolf, Ego Mackey, Jimmy V, all of Anti World really. Five Finger posse, Yvncc, Bigbabygucci and James Gorczyca!

Q: Your company— Lost Appeal, has been growing. How do you balance management and still supply the demand for Lost Appeal?

A: Man it’s hard. I work two day jobs too so it’s always a struggle. I haven’t really been releasing clothes as often as I want to, but that’s going to change real soon.

Q: For sure— can you explain how Lost Appeal started?

A: Lost Appeal originally was an experimental noise project that I started in 2011. I put out a bunch of physical tapes/cds under that name. Then in 2014 I wanted to start making clothes so I continued using that name, because I fuck with it hard. Do you drop more exclusive releases or highly stocked capsules? Everything I drop is super limited, usually only make like 30-40 of each tee. I’ve only done 2 designs that I ever restocked I think.

Q: What’s next from Lost Appeal?

A: A collection, some clothing collabs with some brands/artists I fuck with, new album from LUVELOVESYOU, and a lot more shows.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the industry in five years?

A: I don’t even wanna be in the industry really, I just want lost appeal to have a cult following and hopefully it pays my bills, as long as my bills are paid and I'm creating shit/traveling then I don’t care about getting rich.

Q: You got any advice to creatives that are trying to learn from your work?

A: Just do what you want, and don’t try to force shit or follow trends.


Andrew is bringing underground movements together. He's running things his way and that has gained respect for Lost Appeal and the creatives he is managing. Be sure to plug in with Lost Appeal at lostappeal.com

Note from the writer: "Death Can Try"






Erie, Pennsylvania Vs. The World!

  After coming across KRU a week back, I searched around to find the owner. The man behind it all ended up being Grant. One of the nicest people you'll meet, very genuine. He takes his brand and the people around him very serious and for good reason. After realizing, I decided he had a story to tell, and we teamed up so that the designer could speak with a new audience about what he's been doing. Everyone, meet Grant.

Q: To anyone who may be unfamiliar, can you introduce yourself?

A: My name is Grant Kru, I am a 22 year-old streetwear designer and the creative director of KRU.                                                                 

Q: Where are you based?

A: I am from Erie, Pennsylvania.

Q: Damn, how was it growing up there?

A: Growing up in Erie, there is really no emphasis put on creativity, so it is difficult to grow as a creative. It is not a place that puts any importance on artistic expression or talent. I believe this is why it took me until I was nearly 20 years old to realize I had a love for what I do. Luckily, growing up here, I have made some incredible friendships and curated a great network of people with similar interests that have supported me to get the brand where it is today. 

Q: So, were you engaged with designing from a young age or when did you know and see it in yourself?

A: Ironically, I was never really engaged in designing at a young age but I was always loved sneakers and streetwear clothing, so the interest was always there. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college where I started designing [2016] and I didn't start taking it seriously until the summer before my Season 4 drop in October of 2017.

Q: When you first started designing and manufacturing KRU what brands were some of your biggest influences?

A: When I first started designing KRU I’d say that my biggest influences were Virgil and Kanye. As I've grown, my influences have changed somewhat, I still am definitely influenced by Virgil. However, I also find Gosha very innovative and inspiring as well.

Q: How have you seen Kru influence the people around you since the start?

A: In the beginning, it was hard to see how I was influencing people with my brand, but now, as I've grown, I can see that the people around me and people from home are truly starting to take notice and support me. Without these people I have around me, I wouldn't be where I am at today. I am going to continue to ride their positive energy, transfer that into my designing and keep releasing clothes and collections that people enjoy.

Q: Can you explain why you chose to run seasons?

A: That’s how I started releasing clothes in the beginning due to Kanye’s early influence on me as a creative. So I would try to keep up and drop clothes within the same timeframe that he would — it was very difficult to say the least, especially in the early stages of the brand. — At this point I am currently exploring the possibility of no longer dropping seasons. Instead, I would be dropping a large volume of clothes more consistently, rather than dropping ten or more items seasonally. Regardless, when it comes to releasing my clothes, I have designs finished and concepts ready to go.

Q: What’s next for KRU?

A: Traveling to New York City for a couple of KRU photoshoots and to network with creatives in the city. In addition to New York City, I have been spending a lot of time in Toronto, spreading the brand up north has been really successful for me, especially following the KRU Pop-Up in downtown toronto during Toronto Mens Fashion Week. I also plan on releasing more items for the KRU Summer collection which has been building up with the KRU ‘Danger,’ Zebra,’ and ‘Caution’ T-Shirts. The exact number of items I plan on dropping hasn't been decided but it will be at least two more garments. Then, in the fall I will be releasing my F/W 18 line sometime around October, which will feature a large run of items, with a lot of diversity!

 Grant has Pennsylvania on the rise for real, you can grab his designs at kruclothing.com






Atlanta, Georgia Vs. The World

 Moving amidst the fog of Atlanta is "Shawnshothat". The film photographer has been staying low and consistent. Obviously, we have taken notice. We chopped it up with Shawn and got a look into his strategies. 

Q: For those who are new to your work, will you introduce yourself?

A: I’m Shawn, but most know me as “shawnshothat”. I do street photography and portraits, I’m 20 years old.

Q: Where were you raised?

A: I’m from Atlanta. Decatur to be specific, zone 6 mostly all my life.

Q: How did that really help your process?

A: Atlanta is more than just strip clubs and music, trust me. Once you take time and watch what goes on it’s a whole different side to it. Some good shit, some bad. It all depends on which route your gonna take: scamming, rapping, hooping or doing some creative shit, i could never hoop. Thankfully I took the right choice.

Q: So when did you get into photography?

A: I was out of high school. During the summer I really didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to be in school all the time. I got real depressed and shit but I used to follow Gunner (Stahl) and Chi. I seen their work and then I was like “damn I can do that too, that looks fun.” I picked up a film camera because that’s all I could afford then the rest is history. The difference from me and others is that I do it for the art and not just the money.

Q: Is there a certain film you prefer to shoot with, if so why?

A: Yeah, I been strictly using 400 film. It’s so versatile in most situations, especially with a flash it’s golden to me. I shoot Fujifilm lately, I want to try out Portra even if it’s been hyped up a lot nowadays.

Q: I feel like right now film photography is being critiqued the most it ever has been.— What keeps you motivated through the critique?

A: There will always be a double standard with digital and film photography, I don’t care who you are. I think it’s because most people believe that film is just as easy as digital but that’s not the case, it’s a real process with it. The process is motivating. — You got to always treat every shot like it’s the game winner, you know. Ain’t no editing around here either.

Q: If the audience could only take one thing away from this interview what would be most important?

A: This artistic shit not a competition. Just because somebody is doing the same thing as you doesn’t mean it’s better. Never be worried how anybody else rocking unless they are on your side. Self care is very important, I haven’t made anything off my photography yet. — I know it’ll all fall into place eventually, just believe that you can do whatever the f*ck you want to do as long you’re passionate with it. I’m y’all friend, always remember to dothatsh*t!

Q: What’s next for you? —

A: Flood my work out here and hopefully the right person sees it and gives me the perfect opportunity. This sh*t all i got. All i know is I can’t have a regular life, can’t go out sad. I work too hard for this. Big things are coming though, sooner than later trust me. 1000% you going to the top. Anymore thoughts you want to leave the people with? That’s about it, thanks to everyone at UsVersusWorld for this dope ass opportunity, it’s all love!

Two of Shawn's photos can be viewed below the post and you can keep up with his work on Twitter @shawnshothat !







Charlotte, North Carolina Vs. The World! 

Jaeden Drew is a VHS videographer. Recently, he’s been pivotal in everything that is apart of Charlotte’s underground movement. Within last few weeks we coordinated getting an exclusive look into the creative’s life and his plans. We caught up with Jaeden at a recent underground show and got him to talk about his upbringing, shooting VHS footage, personal life and more. —

Q: What do people need to know about you?

A : I'm about business if you don’t want to help get out the way, we got to push forward.

Q:  How did you link with your manager?

A:  We linked up at a party and figured out we had the same name, we been homies since then. —

Q: So, then how did you start shooting VHS?

A: My guy Tay Tesla introduced me to the idea, I just stuck with it, it felt really natural. 

Q: Any advice for young kids coming up wanting to do what you’re doing?

A: Take the leap of faith, go as many places and meet as many people as possible. 

Q: 100%, How did you end up in Charlotte?

A: I’m from Arizona originally. One move didn’t work, then I went to Miami, to Tampa, then came to Charlotte on some random shit.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I want to have Atlanta, like I have Charlotte. Then Los Angeles, Houston and last I want to go to New York and just change the landscape. Between now and then I want to put my friends on. 

Q: What makes shooting VHS worth the critique?

A: To me, seeing someone who’s coming up, then they see me shoot their persona and they fuck with it. The connection of people.  

Q: Will you tell the world what is going on in Charlotte?

A: Solidifying ourselves in the past four or five months as a creative city and people starting to ask about us instead of the other markets, we finally got our spotlight, it’s small but it’s growing.

Q: Alright bet, so we’re on the same page. Wait— The ladies, can you speak on them?

A: I’m all over with the love, trying to make the right moves. 

Q: For sure, we appreciate the insight. How did you get tied in with Usversusworld?

A: Aaron went to Atlanta, we went and linked with Andy Schenk and Isaiah, then from there I stayed in touch and recently I’ve been contacted with Dylan. Everybody there really making things pop for the underground right now.

 — For the last few months Jaeden Drew has been everywhere, making as many movements as possible. The plot is out, within the next few months Jaeden is sure to be one of the most pivotal videographers in the underground.



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Long Island Vs. The World!

The ability to have a sound that stands out in comparison to all the other music being put out is a difficult task to accomplish. There are those who are capable of having a distinct and unique sound to their music. MulaManDam is one of the prime examples and one of the most slept on as well. He can tackle any type of beat with his unmistakable flows and vocals. His most recent project "Green Eggs & Dam" proves that he's ahead of his time and is only going up from here. We spoke specifically on his background with music and the project. Get familiar with Mula in the conversation below:

Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: I'm MulaManDam and I'm from Long Island, New York. Darkside 419.

Q: When did you first start making music?

A: I started making music when I was 11, producing Hip-hop beats on FL Studio 7. That was 10 years ago.

Q: So you produced before you started rapping, what kind of beats were you making back then?

A: I started off making dirty south trap beats, Lex Luger was a big producer inspiration then I transitioned into producing more of a boom bap New York style. With my boom bap production I was mostly inspired by 9th Wonder.

Q: You've gone through different phases of sounds then, when'd you decide to pick up the mic on top of the production?

A: I started to rap my 10th grade year so about 5 years ago. That was my first song I recorded of myself but I always would write my own songs and stuff. I never laid any vocals down until 10th grade.

Q: Who are a few artists that inspired you to start?

A: I'm mostly inspired by the artist around me that I grew up with like Casey Chang and GG Tef. When it comes to legends I'm inspired by Biggie, Busta Rhymes, and Michael Jackson.

Q: Let's talk about your latest project "Green Eggs & Dam", what was the process like putting it all together?

A: The process over all was definitely long but all the songs came to me relatively quick. Lord Casso and I have a very good chemistry so the creative process is probably the easiest. Everything just instantly meshed together.

Q: Would you say Lord Casso is your go-to producer?

A: Yeah, Lord Casso helped create my sound. He's also my best friend.

Q: That always helps to be close with the person you're working with. Are there any other producers you enjoy working with or would want to work with?

A: I enjoy working with Cor Blanco, Patient Music, Von Solo just to name a few. I really would love to work with Kanye West on something.

Q: What do you have coming up for the fans the rest of this year?

A: I'm working on a few EP's to keep the summer hot. Also working on some visuals to continue to push the album. I'm throwing some huge shows in Long Island to have a fun time with my fans and friends.

Q: You really seem to connect and care about your city. Is that one of the most important things to you?

A: Yeah my city is what made me who I am. I'm grateful to be from where I'm from and to have met and grown up with the people that I did. I love my city.

Q: Who made the cover for the "Green Eggs & Dam"?

A: His name is Obscurist. His Instagram is @obscuristworks he's an artist from Canada that I met through my manager.

Q: The artwork is perfect for the sound of the album, tell us about your manager and how he's played a part in the picture.

A: My manager Zaire knows how to keep me on point. Smart ass guy, he knows the right places I need to be networking wise and he knows the steps I have to take to advance as an artist. He's like a basketball coach in the sense he knows how to draw up plays that will win us the game.

Q: That always puts you a step ahead to have someone looking out like that. What's your favorite spot to eat at in your city.

A: D&B Deli got the good eats on Front Street.

Q: What're your top 3 favorite films to watch?

A: Definitely "Friday", "Pootie Tang", and "All About The Benjamin's".

Q: What's your favorite clothing brand at the moment?

A: Right now my favorite brand is Vfiles but I also love SoltauNYC. They a brand coming up in New York that I rock with heavy.

Q: Who's the best visual artist in yourf opinion right now?

A: Cole Bennett is relly changing the game, I would say he's the best. My personal favorite right now is LoneWolf, can't wait to work with both.

Q: You have any last shout outs before we wrap everything up?

A: Shout out WGWS. Long Island we be wilding. Thank you for the opportunity and keep following your dreams.

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Dallas, Texas Vs. The World!

There aren't many artists today who make it solely off of talent and being genuine. Icebirds is an artist coming out of the heart of The Lone Star state who is keeping everything organic. He's been putting out music for less than a year and has already proven an outstanding work ethic. All his fans find him legitimately without any extra promotion, he just lets them come to him. When the music is good that's all it takes and he certainly has some quality content. We recently chopped it up about topics such as his music, IceWater, and the NBA. Make sure to read up below:

Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: IceBirds , Yung IceBirds. I’m Dallas, Texas but born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Q: When did you start to make music?

A: I started last year like 10 months ago. I been making songs but I ain’t never release them til then.

Q: You’ve already got a project out and a grip of singles, tell us about them.

A: My project was just something I wanted to put out there to everybody. I worked it for a minute, to put together something solid. “Livin Too Fast”, “Fake & Fraud”, and “Blowin Up” is what made me release a project. I felt like those were some of my best.

Q: You always have quality work, what’s the latest music you’ve put out?

A: I just put out three songs in the last month. “Wakanda”, “They Know” & the latest “All About A Dollar”.

Q: You’re working. Who’re your go-to producers?

A: Right now, my go-to is TairofrmTaiwan. I also do a lot with Tash & EQMadeit

Q: What is IceWater gang?

A: A group my brother IceWater Sparrow started way back. A group of bros, all artist. We all individuals but still come together as a group

Q: Shout them all out for us.

A: IceWater Sparrow, Diego , Myself, Bando, 44oakboy , Toni Ice & Chewla.

Q: Those are the main artists you collaborate with, right?

A: Yeah definitely.

Q: Who’ve been your biggest influences?

A: In my sound?

Q: In general. Anybody you listened to growing up, all that.

A: I liked Migos (the older music) , Chief Keef, Diego , shit listened to Cash Money like Wayne and Juvenile, Soulja Boy. It’s a lot.

Q: You got your own sound though, what do you have in the works right now?

A: Right now... I’m working on a joint project with Bando, coming real soon. I’m still pushing my first one, “The IceBirds Project”. So I’m just releasing single tracks right now, videos too.

Q: Go get on that if you haven’t already, who’s your favorite shooter?

A: I don’t too much have a favorite but right now I’m fucking with my guys VisbyBwoods & Jack Sadlers from Dallas.

Q: Is there anybody outside of IceWater you’re trying to work with?

A: I wanna work with anybody who wanna work with me. People be caught up in egos these days. They’ll listen to you every day and you’ll never know

Q: What’s the rest of the summer hold for you?

A: Just dropping heat. Tryna get that hit all year round.

Q: What’s your favorite spot to eat at in your city?

A: I be smashing at Cheddars and Rudy’s.

Q: What’s the best place you’ve performed at so far?

A: Observatory Santa Ana always lit. I ain’t been too many places yet but it’s coming.

Q: What’s your favorite NBA team?

A: I don’t got a favorite right now but I’m rocking with the Cavs. All time favorite Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

Q: Who’s better Lebron or Jordan?

A: I can’t even choose. They too cold in different ways.

Q: Fair enough, what’re your top 3 favorite films?

A: I’m not too big on movies and TV. I never watched a lot of that.

Q: What’re your top 5 albums of all time?

A: Lil Wayne / Carter 2

Juvenile / 400 degrees

Michael Jackson / Off The Wall

Drake/ So Far Gone

Them just a couple I like, not all time.

Q: Where’s one place you want to travel to?

A: Wherever that check take me.

Q: Any last shout outs you want to give?

A: Shout out to y’all.



UVTW Presents: The JAY DANZA Q&A

Charlotte Vs. The World!

Javonn "Jay" Danza, A.K.A. "LIL FUKK UP" is the creator and mastermind behind Us Vs. The World and one of the new supreme gatekeepers of the underground. From his hometown roots in Charlotte all the way to Broward County, Florida and California Jay Danza is at the forefront of the underground scene executing moves to bring his vision to life. His work ethic is unmatched and now it's time for you to get to know the man behind the movement! 

Q: Where are you from?

A: I'd like to say I'm basically from the south but to be more specific, I was raised in Hampton/Newport News, Virginia and Charlotte from elementary until middle school. Then I finished all of high school in Broward County, Florida. 

Q: What made you want to start Us Vs. The World?

A: My life was going nowhere I wanted something to fully keep me occupied. I also didn't like that Charlotte artists weren't getting enough attention. So I decided to fully recognize Charlotte's talent within this platform alongside the co-founder and my bro Cole Klapheke! We first talked out a whole plan and then the rest is history!

Q: What's your connection to Charlotte?

A: I grew up in Charlotte from 5th grade until 8th grade summer. Throughout those years I met a handful of people who have sort of made me who I am today. Even though I'm not physically in Charlotte anymore I'm still a well known name there, almost every artist who's booming right now from there I grew up with.

Q: Describe a little bit of what it's like being in charge of a team of so many people? What are some of the challenges in doing so and what are some of the rewards of it?

A: I wouldn't say I'm in charge of people, they all my brothers frfr without them there wouldn't be an Us Vs. The World platform that the underground has came to really respect and appreciate.

Q: How did you get involved with music/the underground scene?

A: I started rapping at a young age maybe 11 or 12 with my cousin "Sleep" and others. I was okay at it but deep down I knew rapping wasn't for me. I always had an ear for music that wasn't really recognized and everyone around me that made music was extremely good at it, so I realized I didn't have to be a rapper in order to be involved in something I was passionate about. Long story short I began semi-managing artists and really getting introduced to more and more fye artists by the day which made me want to expand my roads of interest in the underground.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about the underground rap industry and what do you think is the worst thing about it?

A: The best thing about the underground is that there will never be an end to it. New raw talent is discovered every day and who doesn't like listening to a new artist who makes music that's extremely satisfying to your ears?! The worst thing are the backpacking people and the unoriginals, be yourself in this industry there's nothing worse than riding someone's wave.

Q: If you had to pick a city filled with some of your favorite artists besides Charlotte, what city would it be and who are some of the artists within that city that you are partial to?

A: Tacoma, Washington (ILLFIGHTYOU, Glenn, UGLYFRANK, Khris P) these guys don't really drop music like that but they are something serious. Definitely a collective to keep a very close eye on. 

Q: Favorite clothing brands at the moment? 

A: When I'm 100% on I need my whole closet full of FELT. Next would be FTP and after that is Cruwelf. 

Q: Was there ever a time in your life and the development of UVTW where you just wanted to throw in the towel and quit? What was that like? And what made you ultimately stay and push forward? 

A: There has definitely been multiple times like that, I've went through a lot of problems when I first moved to Cali, not to mention I lost one of my best friends Adam and then my other close friend Destro so that had me extremely down and out for a very long period of time. During that time I really reflected on my entire life and where it was going I knew this platform could be a start to something extremely rewarding in the near future. What really made me stay and push forward was my girlfriend Daisy, she motivates me every day and is really the first person to fully believe in me, if it wasn't for her and my team I probably wouldn't even be doing this Q&A right now.

Q: You get a ticket to travel overseas, first place you're going?

A: Cuba.

Q: Entrepreneurs that you look up to?

A: Cole Bennett. 

Q: One deceased artist you could bring back to life? 

A: Biggie.

Q: Favorite video games growing up?

A: This is a real good question right here. I'd have to say GTA III, Sonic The Hedgehog, Def Jam Fight For NY, and Ratchet and Clank. I got so many more I used to be heavy on the games but not so much anymore. 

Q: Top 3 Lucki Songs?

A: "Dirty Demons" has to be my most favorite. But there's also "Lowlife" and "Jigga in '98." Honestly every Lucki song is my favorite he one of the goats fr. 

Q: Favorite movie of all time? 

A: Belly.

Q: Should artists put their music on major streaming services compared to Soundcloud or both?

A: Artists should definitely have their music available for any and every listener on all platforms. It's important to expand your audience there's people who only have Spotify or Apple Music and then there's some who can't afford that so they stick with Soundcloud so just be thoughtful to all of your listeners preferences it could really boost your fan base. 

Q: Who are the 3 most slept on producers right now? 

A: My bro Lux, Groveside, and Antwon Carrera. 

Q: What's your dream whip?

A: I ain't really big on cars but shit Ima have to say something foreign forsure, Bentley Coupe. 

Q: Where do you see Charlotte within the next two years?

A: Charlotte is seriously growing more and more by the day. It's so many fye artists like 10Cellphones, Ron$oCold, 006Set, Jay Storm and more really making way for the city now and in 2 years Charlotte will be a household name to the entire industry. 

Q: Future aspirations/goals? 

A: I want to be able to quit both my jobs and work full-time on Us Vs. The World. Become an official A&R, and go on tour with my whole gang! 

Q: What's next after this show in June?

A: I'm not the type to let everyone know what I got going on besides gang and my close family I guess y'all will just have to find out. Only thing I'll say is it's going to be a very productive/wild summer. 

Q: Who are some people that inspire and motivate you?

A: My pops forsure he's always behind anything I do. My whole team of UVTW we all push ourselves to go harder each day that's inspiring as fuck fr. My girl she always knows how to uplift my spirits even when shit ain't going good. And A$AP Yams. Long Live Yams!

Q: What would you tell your 16 year old self today? 

A: Being cool won't mean shit when you're out of high school. Make a way for yourself now you'll thank me later. 






Chicago + Los Angeles Vs. The World!

I was given the opportunity to speak with Goth Money Records affiliate, YSB OG. Most recognize him as Kane Grocerys, one of the most significant names in the underground over the course of the past five years. Kane has put out an endless amount of hits and just recently dropped his latest project "Pardon My Back", which we discussed a bit. He's also known for collaborating with some of the hottest artists and producers in the game. We spoke on everything from what the future holds to his favorite clothing brands. Check it out below! 

Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: YSB OG A.K.A Kane Grocerys. From Chicago & LA, grew up in Chicago went to high school in LA.

Q: How’d you get acquainted with the rest of goth money?

A: So I met Black Kray back in 2012 and he came to me with the idea of Goth Money and he wanted me to be a part of it..  I said fuck it I was rapping at the time already working on my very first mixtape so why not be a part of a team and I fuck with Black Kray that’s my brother from another ya hear me. After that we eventually all met in New York 2014.

Q: You’ve really been in this for years, you’re a veteran at this point. Out of your extended discography who are your top 3 favorite artists you’ve worked with that aren’t part of Goth money?

A: Shoreline mafia / ASAP Ant / K$upreme

I Fuck with everybody though, shout out my camp too. YSB we got big dogs over there.

Q: What about top 3 producers?

A: Xangang / Working on dying / Rob Surreal

Q: You got songs with all of them on “Pardon My Back”, what’s your favorite song off the tape?

A: Probably “Pressure” or “Loner”.

Q: You got Trap Goth 2 on the way too, when’s that coming out?

A: Real soon man.. Summer for sure, not gon say a specific date.

Q: I know I’m looking forward to it, can you let us in on any collaborations on the project?

A: Got Sickboyrari on the tape, YSB members Wahlioochi and Varre, my boy Ruemaneli and yngx dior .. production wise I got DJ Kenn Rojas, Working On Dying, Xangang, 12MillionGlo..

Q: What are your 3 of your favorite films?

A: Friday / Belly / Menace 2 Society

Q: Those are some classics, who are you going to if you need a video done?

A: Shit bro right now I got in house shooters as well nobody major. I really be random when it comes to who I want to shoot a video for me. 99% of my videos were no budget.

Q: That’s real you just let them come to you, Cavs or Warriors?

A: Warriors! All the way game 6.

Q: Favorite clothing brand right now and all time?

A: FTP & Vlone. Wouldn’t say I got a specific all-time favorite clothing brand I like a lot of shit.

Q: What’s your go-to spot to eat at in your cities?

A: I fuck with Uncle Remus in Chicago and Jimanos Pizza or Mikes Pizza in Waukegan, North Chicago area. In LA I fuck wit Simply D’licious Comfort LA.

Q: What’s the best place you’ve visited so far?

A: Paris & Switzerland. Had my 21st birth day in Amsterdam.

Q: You need a cover art or flyer done, what artist are you hitting up?

A: Shit mane I got some in-house graphic designers I be fucking with. Shout out Stevie Franchise, golden_plx, and Trxntt.

Q: What else do you got in store for the fans this summer?

A: Look out for the gang YSB we getting greazy all summer 2018. Most def doing more shows and probably release some exclusive merch for the fans out there.

Q: Keep your eyes open YSB is going up this summer! You’ve been independent your whole career, can you offer any advice to artists who’ve chosen to take the same route as you.

A: Hard work pays off, you put in the work & you will receive what you deserve. Not everyone gets a spotlight so you got to know what to do when it’s your time to shine. Never let anybody tell you how to be you.

Q: You’re a prime example that that’s all true, I respect how you’ve always stayed solid to yourself. you got anybody you want to shout out before we wrap this up?

A: Shout out the gang YSB OTF, my girl, my OG and free foe nem out the jam long live all the kings and queens.

Q: No doubt I appreciate your time and stay safe out there!

A: Thanks bruh off top you already snow.








Orlando Vs. The World!

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with one of the most prestigious Art Directors doing it right now, Trapghanistan. These days he stays out in Los Angeles but originally came out of Orlando, Florida. At just the age of 21 he has surpassed many in his field who have been working for years at their craft. He is capable of accomplishing any body of work and has a creative vision that is matched by few, if any. For starters he has recently been working with ASAP Rocky on a few pieces, but has an outstandingly long list of clients that will leave any person in awe. From photography to design, all his work is superior and showcases his unmatched creative ability. The rest of this year holds a lot of surprises and huge ventures for him, I got a chance to ask him about a select few. See for yourself below.



Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: I'm Trapghanistan, 21. From Orlando, Florida.

Q: How’d you come up with the name trapghanistan?

A: It’s been my name for like 5 or 6 years now. I always listened to trap music (ATL) & I used to play hella call of duty when I was a kid always loved the look for the Afghanistan maps. So I put both together and my friends fucked with the name and it’s stuck ever since.

Q: Explain what an Art Director is, for those that don’t know.

 A: An Art Director is the person responsible for overseeing the artistic aspects of a company/ brand or artist.

Q: What puts you in a higher spectrum than other people doing Art Direction right now?

A: I got signed before 21 to Alamo / 1017 Eskimo /interscope records .. I’ve already worked with half of everyone’s favorite artists.

Q: Run me through everybody you’ve worked with.

 A: Lil wop,  Gucci Mane, Complexcon, Lil baby, ASAP Mob, Lil Wayne, 40oz Van, YesJulz, Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti, Smokepurrp, Kodak Black, Ski Mask The Slump God, GhostMane, Distorted, Mackned, Trippie Redd, UnoTheActivist, ThouxanbanFauni, XXXTENTACION, Wifisfuneral, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Robert Gallardo, AWOL Erizuki, LVCID, Ian Connor, Team Sesh, Richy Samo, Yung Simmie, Otown Marco, Danny Towers, Vinny Virgo, KidWay, Grownboi Trap, Famous Dex, Richie Souf, Softest Hard, Akhil Sesh, Tommy Swisher, Alamo Records, and Republic Records.

Q: You weren't lying, that really is everybody’s favorite artists. Out of that huge list, who were your top 3 favorite clients?


Q: Are you still actively working on AWGE?

A: I am. Shout out to Flacko & Gallardo they making the future right now.

Q: I know you’re a great photographer, is that your favorite form of art?

A: Thank you, yes it is to be honest. Sadly I was robbed for my camera recently but once I get a camera, I’m back at shooting. I’ve shot a lot of people, I love freezing time.

Q: I’m sorry to hear about that, I hope you get back on it soon. What are your favorite images you’ve captured so far?

A: Ski mask / Carti / Ian / Tracy

Q: So you got an art gallery next week, let the people know how to go and support you.

A: Hell yeah thank you!! It’s called the RedRoom I’ll be there with @lovelucyford. On May 27th from 5-8 P.M, 2234 W. Temple St. in Los Angeles.

Q: Pull up at this if you’re in LA! Who’re some people you look up to or that have influenced you?

A: Gallardo / Basquiat / Warhol / CDTHETEAM / @MKBLVCREATES / @Unkleluc

Q: You’re moving to Texas soon too. What’re you doing out there?

A: Don't want to spoil that surprise shout out to my manager, Megan Elle, she making big moves for me.

Q; Understandable. I’m sure whatever it is you’re going to kill it. What can you tell anybody doing art that’s trying to make it out here?

A: Just do it every day til them bags hit, don’t give up, make it a lifestyle, and find the real fans then build.

Q: Absolutely. Appreciate you talking with me and wish you luck in everything to come.

A: Thank you so much for the opportunity let’s do more shit this year. I fuck with the whole brand y’all going up this year much love!!

Make sure to stay in tune with Trapghanistan and check out more of his work in the links below!



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Sacramento Vs. The World!

[dotcomNirvan] is the rising videographer from Sacramento, California who has made an unbreakable bond with underground legends such as, WINTERTIME, 10 CELLPHONES, & JAY STORM. For those of you that didn't know, WINTERTIME was the artist to have Nirvan pursue videography full time. Building quite an audience & portfolio, the work from Nirvan is something to leave any new viewer in awe. The 21 year old college dropout is clearly on the road to success. After gaining over a million views on videos such as "ALL THE TIME 2" by WINTERTIME & now working closely with 10 CELLPHONES it's not hard to tell he's next up. Nirvan gives us a deep insight of his personal life & much more on this highly-detailed Q&A that we have to share with you all today, take the time out to step into the mind of the mastermind behind the camera of your favorite music videos out now!


Q: What’s your name & Where you from?

A: My name is Nirvan Sorooshian. My internet name is DotComNirvan. I’m from Sacramento, California. 916.

Q: How’d you came up with the name “Dotcomnirvan”?

A: People have been mispronouncing my first name, Nirvan, my whole life. Which is cool, but not if you’re trying to build a brand on the internet. So I put Dotcom in front of it because it rhymes and makes my name easier to say. DotComNirvan. I really identify with it.

Q: What made you want to become a videographer?

A: I was in college and I hated it. It felt like I was wasting my potential, and that nobody there really cared about what they were doing, they just wanted to make it to the weekend. I knew I wanted to make music videos, but I didn’t have any rappers to shoot with. So I learned how to animate from YouTube tutorials. I started working on an animated music video for “All The Time 2” by Wintertime. I skipped like a month of classes working on it every single day. When it was done I sent it to Wintertime’s management, and a few hours later they told me it would be the official music video. That’s my favorite rapper of all time, it was so crazy. I dropped out of school the day the video came out, and started pursuing videography full time. Fuck it.

Q: How would you describe your videos?

A: Hopefully all my videos come across as completely different. I want every video to be its whole own universe. I want to move the viewer through the video like a Disneyland ride.

Q: Favorite video you’ve shot + why?

A: Probably “Too Busy” by 10 Cellphones. That video is just so raw and rough around the edges. It’s just real. All my favorite music videos are like that. I also love the Jay Storm “Kehlani” video. That one will always mean a lot to me. That’s like my favorite song of all time. My friend Matt and I were so geeked when Storm hit me up to do that video.

Q: You + 10Cellphones have been killing it w/ visuals lately, how did you two link in the first place?

A: After me and Storm did the Kehlani video, someone tweeted that me and 10 should do a video together. We were both with it, so I went to North Carolina and we shot “Calls” and “Too Busy.” 10 is crazy talented, he’s one of my favorite people to work with because he wants to really make something unique and he brings real ideas to the table. We have this video about to come out… I can’t say too much but I love it. He’s gonna go so far, it’s crazy. Shoutout 10.

Q: If you had to explain your work in one word what would you say?

A: Hard.

Q: How old are you?

A: 21 years yung.

Q: Any artists you want to work with in the future + why?

A: Yung Gleesh. His music is just so ridiculously hard. I know I’m gonna make it happen. Lucki. Greatest rapper alive. Chief Keef. The day I do a Sosa video is the day I can die happy.

If you had to pick one place to shoot a video where would it be + what artist would you choose for it?

Damn that’s a tough question. I’d probably shoot a video with Young Nudy and the whole time he’s walking around a big hotel suite full of naked women still asleep from the night before.

Q:Biggest Inspiration?

A: That feeling I get after I watch a Tarantino movie and walk outside and look at the sky and wonder if I’ll ever make anything half as good. It’s a feeling of despair and excitement. I live for it.

Q: Besides your videos, what’s the best music video of all time to you?

A: “Don’t You Love Me” by Lucki, Directed by Jake Osmun. Nothing comes close to me. It’s so raw. Just puts you right there with him. You really feel that shit. Every word and every sound.

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?

A: Instagram. Then straight to editing.

Q: Biggest accomplishment you’ve made this year or want to make?

A: Probably having a YouTube video with a million views on it (All the Time 2). I always wanted that since I was a kid. It’s still crazy to me. And just being able to make videos for a living. I can’t believe it happened already, I feel so lucky.

Q: What’s next for DotComNirvan?

A: Music videos and cartoons. And movies.

Q: Any shoutouts you want to give out?

A: Shoutout to Wintertime for giving me my start. Shoutout to my real friends, you know who you are. Shoutout anyone who’s ever watched one of my videos. Shoutout UsVsWorld!

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Kansas Vs. The World!

CORTDOT has been gaining a immense amount of notoriety due to his highlighting production with hotshot artists like LUCKI, ATL SMOOK, WARHOL.SS, TRIPPIE REDD, BBYGOYARD etc. The young producer from Wichita, Kansas gives us a brief insight of his life, who inspires him & how he feels about being UP right now! Racking over a million plays on songs like "STARSTRUCT", "YSL", & "DON'T YOU LOVE ME" it's not hard to tell CORTDOT is very important to the underground community. He's done a lot & is nowhere near to being done, read up on this rare Q&A with the rising legend & go spin some of our personal favorites from him down below!

Q: What’s your name & Where are you from?

A: cortdot, wichita ks.

Q: Why the name “Cortdot” is there any background story to it?

A: my real name is cortlin, and I felt like cortdot was pretty cool & easy — a lotta ppl still get it confused w cordot though.

Q: How old are you?

A: 21..... old asl

Q: What inspired you to become a producer?

A: i’ve always wanted to do music, i come from a musical background so i’ve been around it my whole life.  

Q: If you had to choose one program (FL, Logic, or Abelton) which one would it be & why?

A: FL — just cause that’s what I started on and I feel like you can b more creative on it.

Q: Is there anyone you look up to industry related or even family?

A: pierre bourne.

Q: Last message you sent?

A: a text to my moms.

Q: How does it feel working with hotshot artists like Lucki, Warholss, Boofboiicy, Atl Smook, BBYGOYARD etc? Have you met any of them?

A: it’s pretty cool and no I haven’t actually, not in person anyway.

Q: How many beats do you make daily?

A: it just depends, sometimes i’ll make like 6-8 beats in a day, then there’ll be times where i’ll only make like 2 beats all week.

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?

A: check my phone.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment ever since you started producing?

A: probably hitting my 1st mil.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: Drip.

Q: Favorite beat you’ve ever made & why?

A: lucki - nothing different because I feel like that beat best describes my sound.

Q: What could we all expect from you in the future?

A: i’m working on my first tape right now, and i’m also in the process of working on my brand (unavailable) so be on the look out for both of those.

Q: Favorite clothing brand out right now?

A: unavailable.

Q: Any other artist you’d like to work with throughout your career?

A: pierre, hoodrich pablo, lil dude, gunna, & valee.

Q: Last question, what are one of your long term goals in life?

A: to have myself & everybody around me eating good.





Rock Hill Vs. The World!

Yeah you read the title right! This is the legendary YUNG ICEY Q&A that we are bringing to you guys on this good ass Tuesday! Our main mans Dre met up with the iconic South Carolina producer at a tattoo shop on 6th st in Austin while at SXSW. Here YUNG ICEY is asked a handful of questions like where's he from to the artist he now manages. If you keep up with ICEY you'd know he's got 2 of his artists, RON $O COLD & NGEEYL record deals in the same year while at the same time producing hits after hits that run up to a million in a matter of weeks. The guy really has his work cut out for him & we couldn't be more excited to bring you guys this piece of history in the form of a genuine conversation. Thanks to YUNG ICEY for fucking with us & we hope you guys enjoy this Q&A. Take a mintue to rock out to every song YUNG ICEY has ever produced down below. 

Q: Where you from?

A: Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Q: What was it that made you decide you wanted to become a producer?

A: I just knew I wanted to do something creative something where I can push myself. I couldn’t rap and I wanted to do something with music so I started making beats and shit and just by me watching tutorials I got more and more into and taught myself everything I know.

Q: Was there any specific type of music that made you want to start being involved with music?

A: All types of music from old to new. My family is really cultured like my moms is from Florida her people from the West Indies so it’s really in my blood. I really just love music bro.

Q: Who are some of the artist that you manage?

A: Ron$oCold, SlimeDollaz, NGeeYL. With slimedollaz and NGeeYL I try to help them out a lot and be very hands on with their careers.

Q: How many times you been out here to SXSW?

A: This my first time out here.

Q: Was SXSW what you expected before you came out here?

A: It’s hella people out here bro it’s kinda what I expected though nothing more nothing less.

Q: What’s your favorite tat?

A: I only got one but I’m about to get a new one right now.

Q: What’s the new tat about to be about?

A: It’s my producer tag ‘ICEY IM SO SICK OF YOU’

Q: Where did you get the idea for your Producer Tag?

A: I was messing with this girl and I just told her to send it though and then I later added the effects and all that to it but eventually I’m gonna get different girls to do it from different countries and stuff like that.

Q: What’s some upcoming street wear brands you fucking with right now?

A: Right now I got on that kodone (DEATHat5) I really rock with whoever rocks with me bro like whoever sends me stuff even if it’s wack I might just wear it around the crib or something.

Q: Any upcoming projects in future from Yung Icey?

A: I’m tryna drop a project sometime this year all produced by me with all my artist but I’m really just tryna focus on my artist projects now that we’re getting hit by labels and shit so were focused on well establishing. So it’s more of a process than just dropping music.





Los Angeles Vs. The World!

This is a JON PSYCHO Q&A, in other words a conversation with the king of horror inspired music videos in the underground right now. The 20 soon to be 21 year old is a videographer/photographer who has worked with names like, DRAKEO THE RULER, DA$H, THOUXANBANFAUNI, ATL SMOOK & much more of your favorites out now. Specializing in cinema, PSYCHO opens up to us & his supporters with each answer he provides to our well thought out questions. After finishing up the LOOSE SKREW TOUR with DA$H, PSYCHO is set to go only higher in notoriety & status as he's the only Director out now putting that horror touch to all his visuals he films. Scroll down below to read up on what inspires JON PSYCHO, where he came from, the first thing he does when he wakes up & a handful of more personal questions shared with the young icon. 

Q: What’s your name & Where you from?

A: Jon Psycho. Originally born in Chicago but raised in Southern California. 

Q: How old are you?

A: 20. I'm about to be 21 in a few days.

Q: Top 3 Inspirations ever?

A: Quentin Tarantino & The movie American Psycho.

Q: What made you want to pick up the camera & shoot timeless videos/take timeless photos?

A: Watching horror films as a kid, making music videos for my friends, and the urge to create something I'm proud of. 

Q: How was it like for you growing up?

A: I grew up in a fairly good situation. I was mostly in my head a lot which in turn made me search for an outlet. 

Q: How would you describe your work to somebody who’s not familiar?

A: Honestly I don't try to describe my work. I just show people to see their reactions. If they like it then they like it. I create for me though. 

Q: What do you want to achieve in 2018 that you haven’t already achieved yet?

A: Placements with bigger artists. Larger budget films so I can express myself better.  & Passion projects, which include my first short film. 

Q: How did you link with artists such as ATL SMOOK, THOUXAN, DA$H & DRAKEO THE RULER?

A: The majority of the situations were through social media. Either they hit me or I had hit them. I established relationships and friendships with them first before I started shooting.

Q: What would one have to do to be able to work with you, meaning how could an artist get their next visual shot by you?

A: Honestly in the position I'm in, I'm the one deciding whether or not I want to shoot with someone. But if they make good music I'm always willing to create with an artist. Also if they have an idea and budget, it makes the process a lot easier. 

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

A: Check my messages. Smoke a cigarette. Take a shower.

Q: What would you tell your #1 fan if you’ve ever met them?

A: I would ask them questions if anything. Like about their passions and what they want to do. I honestly do that cause I'm awkward and can't hold a conversation well so it's the easiest thing to talk about. 

Q: Craziest thing that’s happened in your life?

Going on tour with DA$H. And spinning out on the freeway my homie slim. 

Q: Backwoods or Swishers?

A: Marijuana is a gateway drug. Next question.

Q: Favorite munchie food?

A: White cheddar cheez its and the lime cucumber Gatorade.

Q: Who’s your fav rapper out now?

ATL Smook. BobbyB. & Valee

Q: Last question, Your favorite video you’ve ever shot & why?

A: Chucky by Boofboi and Bandman because I got to really express my love for horror cinema with that one.





North Carolina Vs. The World!

We finally got the chance to meet the infamous underground phenom, BBYGOYARD while we were in Austin for SXSW. After sharing a lengthy conversation on 6th street, we got down to business; finding out personal & musical things about the 22 year old artist. The FOREVERWORLD front runner next to BIGBABYGUCCI explains how he used to be a big anime fan & how Chief Keef's "Back From The Dead 2" is the reason he found interest in the underground rap scene. Today he finds himself making hit after hit just waiting for the day he blows all the way up into the star he's soon set to be. Take the time out of your day to find out a little about the heavily versatile artist making impeccable noise out of North Carolina. 

Q: Let's get straight into this, What's your name & Where you from?

A: My name is BBYGOYARD & I'm from a smalll town in North Carolina.

Q: We see you're apart of "FORVERWORLD", what is that?

A: FOREVERWOLRD is a collective but it's pretty much a label at this point & a family full of creatives.

Q: How old are you?

A: 22.

Q: When did you start making music?

A: I started making music when I was 18 but I didnt really start getting into the type of music I make now until about 2 years because before then I was making anime rap. 

Q: Speaking of anime rap, what are your favorite anime's ever? 

A: Well I don't really watch anime like that anymore but if I had to choose it would definitely be DBZ & Attack on Titan.

Q: What made you want to start making music?

A: To be honest bro, I'm not really sure but I've always been into the music scene like Rock & Heavy Metal. It wasn't until I heard Chief Keef & his tape Back From the Dead 2, that shit really made me change up my whole prerogative & perspective on rap. 

Q: We see you have quite a few tattoo's could you tell us a little about them? 

A: Yeah, I have the Baby Angel on my hand cause I'm a Angel Boy for life. I have a shit load of other tat's across my forearm & what not but really it's just a bunch of art bro, my favorite tattoo spot in TOKI TATTOO in Canton, NC. I have the Vivian Westwood logo on my face because I rock with her & what she stands for heavy.

Q: Biggest Inspirations? 

A: VALEE, 10 CELLPHONES, LIL XELLY, it's really just my friends cause we doing some big shit right now I don't really look up to anybody big.

Q: Any upcoming projects & collabs you would like your listeners to know about?

A: I have a tape dropping called "SACRIFICES 2" produced by MAX2K10 which should be dropping in about a month, I have a few features on BigBabyGucci's next tape & I got some stuff coming with 10 CELLPHONES & LIL XELLY.

Q: Describe how it was where you came from?

A: Where I originally came from was some suburbs type shit but we left quick because my moms was a recovering drug addict & shit so it was pretty much rough from there on out.

Q: What Streetwear Brands are you fucking with right now?

A: Right now I'm fucking with a brand out of New York called "HELLWORLD" but you know I also fuck with CDG, LOUIS, a little bit of OFF-WHITE & PALACE here & there.

Q: Did you finish school?

A: Highschool yes, College nah.

Q: You smoke tree? 

A: Hell yeah man I smoke BIG TREE. 

Q: What's your favorite strain? 

A: Back in Maryland it's all GREEN CRACK where I'm from but I really just love weed, bro. I smoke any type as long as it's not mid feel me?

Q: What's a BBYGOYARD studio session like?

A: Fun as hell because I really put my all into what I record. 

Q: What's your best received songs out now?

A: People really rocking with that "HESITATE" produced by LIL RAMBO & that shit I'm on with BigBabyGucci "LEGENDARY GOLD STAR" that ones really going crazy.

Q: Why the name "BBYGOYARD"?

A: I didn't even choose that name, LIL RAVEN actually chose it for me when we were chilling one day, shouts out to him!

Q: Did you fuck with the SGP & Raider Klan Era?

A: Hell yeah! Denzel Curry & Yung Simmie are some big inspirations for me rapping.

Q: :Last Question, What's your go to munchie whenever you're in the studio? 

A: The Jacked Buffalo Doritos & Smart Water. Always gotta stay hydrated. 






Greenville Vs. The World!

This is BASED JEEZUS, a 19 year old photographer/videographer who's made enough noise coming from the state of North Carolina to make it onto our Q&A series. Here we ask him a handful of questions some personal & some of topic & Marcus comes back with full length answers for anybody who's not quite familiar to become hip almost instantly after reading this good ass conversation we've shared with him on here. After traveling to Austin, Texas for SXSW for his first time, he explains how he's been extremely excited for that trip for him to achieve some of the biggest accomplishments he's been wanting to such as shoot for MAXO KREAM, BLOC BOY JB, DRUGRIXH PESO, D SAVAGE, MATT OX & more! Get more in touch with BASED JEEZUS down below & don't be shook when he's the next name you begin to hear more & more in the underground industry. 

Q: To start this off what’s your name & where are you from?

A: My name is Marcus J. Booth and im from Greenville, North Carolina

Q: What was it like for you growing up? Did you have other dreams & aspirations?

A: I Grew Up In A Middle Class Family Living On the Eastside of the city. My family isn’t rich at all but we were far from broke at the same time. on my 11th birthday my dad Brought my first ever camera. it was a Canon Powershot. and that same day i made my first youtube channel. and started making lil action figure videos and PSP tutorials and other typical 11 year old behavior i recorded on camera. and editing them in Windows movie maker on the family PC. At a young age i knew art was my love and passion and what i was gonna chase to the grave. In middle & school i was involved in sports such as Football and Track. Track Helped me get to College where im currently a Mass Communication major with a minor in Digital Art. my second year of College i quit the track team because it started taking away from Shooting videos and perfecting my craft and most importantly. Money. i chose my camera over alot of things growing up and i dont regret one bit pushing things that didnt contribute to videography out my life.

Q: Why the name “BasedJeezus”?

A: In middle school i was a HUGE Lil B fan. The Based God. The way Lil B explains the term “Based” is being the best you you can be without worry about anyone else’s opinions about you. and what anyone says about you. i was a weirdo in high school but everyone still fucked with me aside from all the weird shit i used to wear and the weird shit i used to do. from hairstyles to my clothes. and i did that all freely with no care. my first and current instagram page i ever made the name was BasedJeezus. and at times i had thoughts of changing it but never could find anything to fit. basedjeezus stuck with me so hard cause it literally fits my personality on all levels.

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?

A: Tell myself im great and im unstoppable over and over in the morning in between me showering and brushing my teeth and washing my face. i feel like if you self motivate yourself early on it shapes your day. a positive mindset will have you having a 100% positive day

Q: What’s your creative process, meaning what’s something that gets you going before you shoot a video?

A: My mind is very Abstract. so whenever i listen to music i envisioned the video like im doing for the artist im listening to. i sit around and look at art online or just look at other music videos. never to jack styles but to obtain the same art pattern and put my own approach on it. so when it comes time to shoot. i got a whole layout on how ima shoot and edit in post-production from the time of the shoot till the time its rendered out.

Q: We know that buying the necessities to be a videographer can be expensive, so how’d you get a hold of everything needed to shoot a video?

A: Being in college helped me get the tools of mass destruction that i need. The average college kid whenever they get their refund would go spend it on clothes, a car, or something they always wanted. Me on the other hand i blew my first refund last year this time on a camera & and then this year i blew it all on a new editing only laptop. Im still got one more tool i need to grab as a personal item and ill have officially everything i need to make it to where i need to be.

Q: How would you describe your visuals you create?

A: Aesthetic, Stupefying, Keen i could honestly go on. I strive to make every visual different than the previous one. i honestly love being versatile. i like being different areas of Videography & Cinematography. it makes me more marketable to a wide selection of artists

Q: Who/What inspires you the most?

A: i like looking at art alot. i like going to Art Museums. i like to sit around and watch other visuals on youtube that are really sharp and would probably cause someone to have epilepsy if they was to watch what i usually watch. i like visuals that really play with the human brain such as people like LONEWOLF. probably my main inspiration right now.

Q: Your fav visual you shot so far?

A: Kale Hunter - Jewelry Off. Jewelry Off by itself was already my favorite song so when me and Kale linked i already knew i had to push my creativity to match the level of his song cause it was already up there like it was. so i really put alot of effort and stressed and stayed up late nights to create literally a masterpiece and the cleanest vid i ever made

Q: One goal you want to accomplish in 2018?

A: i already accomplished my goal for 2018 and it was to get my foot officially in the door of the music industry, get another step further & start getting in tune with bigger artist. & i did all of that when i went to Austin, Texas a couple of days ago for SXSW. It was amazing. shot photos for rappers such as Drugrixh Pe$o, Maxo Kream, Matt OX, D Savage & more it definately exposed my strengths and weaknesses and it helped me become a better photographer/videographer.

Q: Fav streetwear brand out right now?

A: American Hardcore. Samo is a genius for creating a bread so edgy & true itself.

Q: How old are you?

A: 19 Years Old

Q: Who’s your fav artist you like working with & why?

A: I honestly dont have a favorite Artist i work with. i like all my clients each one of them give me different tools to become better and they really help me out & i appreciate them more than anything for letting them trust me with their vision

Q: Top 3 visuals ever?

A: Kale Hunter - Jewelry Off RookDiddy - Tension Lil $car - Ed Edd Eddy



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Charlotte Vs. The World!

Roaming around Charlotte for the past year, Lonesome Child has been making some serious noise. The Queen City local wields his VHS everywhere he goes and that translates to some out of this world documentaries with some of your favorite artists. Whether he's shooting with the underground's premiere shooter, 10cellphones or showcasing some new Fashion Criminal with 006 Set's Lil Fetti, this 16 year old film maker is ready to take over the internet.

Q: I know you’ve probably heard this question a bunch of times, but the people need to know. What’s your name, how old are you, what do you do, and where are you from?

A: My name is Eric, a very basic name. I’m sixteen, I do videography, and I’m from Charlotte!

Q: When did you start filming? What about holding a camera was so intriguing to you?

A: I started filming last year. It took me awhile to find a replacement battery. I’ve just grown a attachment with the camcorder; it’s just wonderful to catch motion images of lovely beings.

Q: How did you get your hands on a VHS camera like that? The one you own is the craziest one i’ve seen.

A: I got my hands on my VHS camera from my sister who actually owns it, but she got it from my dad who placed it on the side of the road.

Q: What purpose do the documentaries you post all over your Instagram serve? What message do you want to convey?

A: The purpose of the documentaries I post on Instagram serve a visual representation of unique beings. The message I am conveying is to just do what serves you happiness in this existence.

Lonesome is one of the most down to earth people i've ever met. He's willing to put the subject from himself and that's what makes him such a good film maker. This guy isn't leaving the spot unless every single shot is up to his standards. 

Q: Who’s your biggest inspirations when it comes to this? Who or what made you pick up a camera in the first place?

A: White Trash Tyler is my inspiration just because he’s picked up vintage camcorders and rebirths in this era of technological advancements beyond that. Being lonesome made me pick up the camcorder because I had nothing else that made me happy. 

Q: What’s your favorite part about filming?

A: My favorite part about filming is going back home and watching it.

Q: What music do you like to listen to when put all your clips together?

A: I listen to David Bowie when I put all my clips together.

Q: Who’s your favorite person you’ve ever filmed and who do you want to shoot for in the future?

A: My favorite person I’ve ever filmed was Andy Schenk. I’ll have the two hour edited version soon. He narrated a lot of the footage.

Andy Schenk x Lonesome Child documentary coming very soon. Just to give you guys some incite and a sneak peak of what's to come, it's just me, some friends, and some special guests just living life. We went to some parties and even pulled up to a crazy ass show (fuck 12 though). Once we get it on DVD, you'll see what i'm talking about.

Q: I know that you’re somewhat into the fashion scene with your sick shots from the Fashion Criminal pop-up. What are some of your favorite designers/brands at the moment?

A: I don’t really have any favorite designers/brands, I just followed trends and haven’t bought any streetwear clothes in months if i'm being honest.

Q: In your opinion, who are the hardest artists from our city (Charlotte)?

A: The hardest artists from Charlotte are clay.ots & APOLLO! They’re underrated.

Q: What’s one word or phrase that you would use to describe your visuals?

A: One word that I would use to describe my visuals are philosophical.

Q: Have you ever thought of upgrading to a better camera or is it VHS for life?

A: I haven’t thought of upgrading to a “better” camera because I’m simply broke, and VHS is working out.

Q: What’s your biggest goal that you want to accomplish by the end of 2018?

A: My biggest goal that I want to accomplish by the end of 2018 is to have everything figured out. I want some success from this. I depend on it.

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