Phoenix Vs. The World!

We would love to introduce a very special feature on our Q&A series, Jayla aka BLACKLENSES. Jayla is a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona who's photos speak a thousand words while being entirely in black & white. If we do say so ourselves, that's exactly what makes her photography stand out. She's taken images of countless living legends such as the late, LIL PEEP, PLAYBOI CARTI, TRACY, THOUXANBANFAUNI, UNOTHEACTIVIST & many more! Just a few days ago, we had the opportunity to ask her a few personal questions regarding her role as a photographer. Take the time out to familiarize yourself with a creative who is making a name for herself one step at a time out of her hometown in Phoenix. 

Take a look below at her website & a few pictures from her portfolio below: 


Q: What’s your name & where are you from? 

A: Jayla Lawrence (BLACKLENSES) I'm 21 & from Phoenix

Q: What is “BLACKLENSES” & what does it mean to you? -

A: When I first started shooting i slowly began to realize I needed some kind of branding behind my photos & since I shoot mostly black & white the name ended up sticking.

Q: What made you want to become a photographer? -

A: In high school I was a band kid who didn't see themselves trying to be a musician after graduating but since I also studied Graphic design, photography was always around. I picked up a camera in class one day junior year & stopped going to band. From there I started taking pictures around the neighborhood & of my friends , I guess it carried on into adulthood too. making memories for people is fulfilling.

Q: Who/What inspires you the most? -

A: Films, Guillermo Del Torro & Larry Clark are my top two directors right now

Q: Describe the feelings your photos give off? -

A: It honestly depends on which photo you're looking at, some are a darker vibe than others

Q: We see that you have merch & it’s called “RESPECT THE SHOOTER”, what made you want to bring that to life? -

A: Visual artists don't get a lot of respect working in this industry, I've had a few of my photos stolen, used without accreditation etc. That's mostly where the idea came from, frustration & wanting to make something that I felt I could wear when I'm shooting as well as any other visual artist.

Q: One of your fav photos you’ve taken? -

A: The portraits of Carti

Q: What’s one thing you want to achieve this year? 

A: Go on a gallery tour & shoot a short film.

Q: Craziest thing that’s happened in your life? 

A: I'm not too sure to be honest

What was it like taking pics for Lil Peep, Tracy, Thouxan, Uno etc? Like how did that come about? 

A: I had a couple mutual friends of Fauni & they asked if I was interested in coming to the show. I pulled up , got a couple shots and that's were Uno & I met. I text Uno the day after the show & we linked up and had a photoshoot at the house, they're great people so it was fun. Back in 2016 is when I ending up meeting Gus he came out & performed at the Suicide Boys show, it was an interesting experience. I barely just turned 20 & he was 19 at the time , we thought it was cool to see other & other people our age making moves like that. I met Tracy in October last year. I shot his set & we kicked it in the green room while I filmed for a little bit ,he's probably one the quietest people I've met.

Q: Favorite cereal?

A: Coco Pebbles

Q: Your biggest fear?

A: I don't like snakes or birds