Georgia Vs The World!

Watch as All Def Music follows Gunna, the Georgia rapper and YSL affiliate. Gunna is no question one of the hardest out right now, he continues to drop bangers on the regular. The video consists of the moves of his day in LA, first he had to stop and pick up some pack. Then he grabs take out and makes his way to the venue for a sound check. He hits the mall and goes shopping for his show picking up some essential polo drawers, Dolce & Gabbana pieces, then kept footlocker open after hours to cash out. Gunna hits the studio to get his mind clear and heads to the venue for the show. That's a wrap he goes out and kills it to conclude his day. This is some great content, we need more visuals like this! It's always drip season too so make sure you go get that Drip Season 3 if you still haven't.