Los Angeles Vs. The World!

My goodness! This visual is dysfunctional in the best way. Xanarchy head honcho, $teve Cannon finally releases the official music video for "InXanity". This drug heavy banger makes for an insane visual with help from Lyrical Lemonade's Cole Bennett. The title is a play on words; replacing 'insanity' with the very popular benzodiazepine, Xanax (obviously). The video shows the crazy consequences of the drug with $teve Cannon mixing a promethazine filled concoction, falling on the floor, puking in his bathroom, and darkened eyes to showcase the emptiness someone might feel off xans. The blurry special effects, slow motion, and camera shake make you feel like you're in the LA natives body which makes for an even cooler visual. If you want to see the numbing results of Xanax while watching a dope music video, click the link below!