Atlanta Vs. The World!

Coming off of his debut album, "LIVE.SHYNE.DIE" 2900 savage, Uno The Activist brings one of his most impressive visuals to date for the emotional breakup ballad "LET IT GO". The ethereal auto-tune and flute filled instrumental produced by DJPatt and Peso Piddy sets the tone perfectly for this atmospheric visual. Directed by Miggy, he incorporates faded colors, VHS clips, and moody effects. The video begins with Uno all alone in an empty room. Not much is there. Just an empty safe, a bottle of lean, VHS tapes, an old television, and a video camera. The camera pans over to a single tape saying "FOR U", Uno's final message. As this video continues, Uno's love interest watches the tapes in the exact same place Uno was moments before. He loved this girl saying "you got my heart and soul", but in the end Uno "lets it go" by staring at the rising sun and giving himself to the sky while he levitates while his past love watches. The music ends and the screen fades to black. Kind of a cliffhanger, but it couldn't be more well executed. This visual really caught my eye and is now one of my favorites from this year. See why below!